Ladbrokes Football Betting Rules: Your Essential Advice

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For successful football betting, it is useful to know the Ladbrokes football betting rules for different markets and types of bets. Here’s a play-by-play of the most important football betting rules on Ladbrokes.

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Ladbrokes football betting rules state that as with other markets, abandoned matches (after starting) void all bets except those previously settled. All types of bets with an * follow this principle.

Types of Bets

Asian Line Betting

The way Asian Line bets work in Ladbrokes football betting rules is that you may place a bet on the team favoured to overcome a handicap (-goals), or on the opposing team (+goals). This market is made up of both the Handicap and Money Line.

Both Teams to Score (Goal Crazy)

In this market, which is also known as goal crazy, you are predicting that both teams will score a goal.

Ladbrokes football betting rules have made things fair by deciding that should a match be abandoned once it has started, all bets are made void except those in which settlement has already been determined.

1st Goalscorer and Both Teams to Score

This market offers a win on your bet if the player you have selected scores the first goal in the game. Additionally, both teams must score during the game.

If the player you selected doesn’t start the match or isn’t playing on the field until after the first goal, your bet goes on the Both Teams to Score.

Ladbrokes football betting rules state that matches which are abandoned after starting results in the void of all bets except those previously settled.

Match Result With Both Teams To Score

When you play this market you are making a prediction on both the results at the end of normal time, and that both teams will score a goal in the match.

Another name for this market is Result Rush.

Both Teams To Score – 1st Half (1st Half Goal Crazy)

Here you are predicting that both teams will score, and they will do so in the first Half of the game. The other name for this market is First Half Goal Crazy.*

Both Teams To Score – 2nd Half (2nd Half Goal Crazy)

According to Ladbrokes football betting rules, Both Teams to Score, also known as Second Half Goal Crazy, is a market where you are making a prediction that both teams will score a goal in the second half of the game.*

Both Teams to Score in Both Halves

For the purposes of betting in this scenario, one ninety minute match has been split into two matches which are 45 minute mini versions of the match. The rules for this market state that both teams need score a goal in each half of the game.*

Both Teams to Score and Over 2.5 Goals in the match

This market requires that you bet on both teams to score a goal, and further, that three or more goals will be scored during the match. Ladbrokes football betting rules offer the following example: Arsenal 1 -2 Chelsea is a winning bet as there are three total goals scored.

If the scenario were such that Arsenal 1 – 1 Chelsea, or Arsenal 0 – 3 Chelsea, then you would lose the bet. In this market, an abandoned match after it has started results in void bets except those already settled. More specifically, if both teams have scored with more than 2.5 goals, you win the bet.

Double Chance

This market is based on possible outcomes in a football match. In Double Chance, the normal rules of 90-minute football betting are applied. Possible outcomes to wager on include:

  • Home/Draw Team A to win/Match to end in a draw
  • Away/Draw Team B to win/Match to end in a draw
  • Home/Away Team A to win/Team B to win

Top Team Goalscorer

In this market, you are predicting who will be the top-scoring team member. Ladbrokes football betting rules say that as long as the player you bet on is playing, bets stand.

If your top team player scores the same number of goals as another player, dead heat rules will apply to your wager. This means that regular top score awards are ignored during settlement, and Extra-Time goals count, whereas Penalty Shootout goals do not.

Extra Time Betting

For the purposes of betting within this market, extra time is that which goes past the normal time of 90 minutes, including stoppages, and when the game ends.

This does not extend to penalty shootouts. When betting on extra time markets, the markets start from the beginning of the extra time, and are not included in the usual 90 minutes of play.

If a game ends with a 2-2 score at the end of normal time, and no goals are scored in extra time, the correct extra time score market is settled at a score of 0-0.

Bets on Players

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Man of the Match

The player announced during the commentary of the live broadcast of the match as the man of the match is whom you are predicting with this market.

In Ladbrokes football betting rules, should there be no man of the match, bets are settled with the man of the match award presented during the live broadcast. If there is no award given live, bets are settled via the player listed as man of the match on the broadcast channel’s official website.

Bets are settled based on the man of the match via the website of the governing body for the competition where the broadcast channel and other previous instances listed above do not apply.

If there are two broadcast channels for the same match – live – then the last rule for settling bets, based on the website governing body of the competition’s list of man of the match.

Bets are void if the man of the match which you have bet upon does not play in the match.

Player Ratings

In this market, bets are placed on various statistics of the player you choose. If that player does not play in the match, league, or tournament, then those bets are void.

Here are a few examples of player rating markets which are available:

  • Highest Rated Player per game/tournament
  • W/O X Player Highest Rated Player
  • The Highest Rated Player Outright per game/tournament
  • Player to have the most shots per game/tournament
  • Player to make the most tackles per game/tournament

Ladbrokes football betting rules state that these markets are settled using the first published statistics for

If the results are not published by aforementioned website, the markets are made void.

Extra time in these markets are settled on the results after 120 minutes plus penalties as applicable. All players playing in a match are runners, and those who do not take part are considered to be non-runners.

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