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When a Game That Means Nothing Means Everything

Editor’s note: David Warner writes on football – meaning any game that involves a foot and a ball – at Dave’s Football Blog.

So I spent part of my Friday night hanging out in the balcony of a sports bar in Cary, North Carolina, with a group of cheerfully doomed soccer fans…

I’m kidding. The only doom here is that the club they support plays in an American minor league and has no hope of being promoted anywhere.

On this night, we set out to watch two matches at once — the USA v. Brazil match in the FIFA U-20 World Cup, and a United Soccer Leagues match between the Carolina Railhawks and the Rochester Raging Rhinos. I have watched multiple NFL games simultaneously, but Association football? That’s a bit trickier. After all, once you get sucked into one game, you’re bound to miss something in the other one. We persevered, though, as we took turns watching the teenagers in Ottowa and our new beloved expansion club in Rochester.

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