Ultra Caos, Djurgården IF, Sweden

Djurgården IF (DIF) is a sports club in Sweden founded in 1891. Their fans seem to have undergone a long period of transition, after its most active group organizing tifo displays, Ultras STHLM, fell apart. But new groups have taken on the mantle, including Ultra Caos Stockholm, who produced the trailer for the DVD featured above.

The Djurgården ultras continue to face problems with the crackdowns on use of pyrotechnics: the ultras argue that the repression leads to irresponsible handling (flares are then often dropped near flags so perpetrators cannot be so easily identified), and that a safe approach agreed by the club and supporters is needed. Indeed, there’s even a non-pyro version of the above video used for wider distribution.

The Djurgården fans are also active with the production of tifo displays for the club’s ice hockey team: impressive stuff!