Front Page: Barcelona Win The World Cup

Most of the Spanish newspaper front pages today go with a variation on a simple “Spain, world champions” headline (as El Pais does), but as commenter ursus actos noted yesterday in our discussion of Catalan nationalism and the complicated support for Spain’s national team in the region, a victory for Spain could easily be seen as a victory for Catalonia, with half the Spanish team having also represented the Catalan national team.

And fairly enough, with much of the team also coming from Barcelona and the Spanish team playing a similar style, the Catalan-language daily El Punt proclaims that Barcelona’s style won the world, and notes that six Catalans played in the final.

El Punt – Barcelona Edition, published in Barcelona, Spain. 12 July 2010.

Barcelona, World CupEl Pais, published in Madrid, Spain. 12 July 2010.

Spain, World Cup, 2010, South Africa


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