The People’s Game Radio Show

I was a guest via telephone on The People’s Game show last night, a production of KPFK radio in Los Angeles. Don’t listen to it for my dulcet tones — there’s Jennifer Doyle of From A Left Wing brilliantly explaining the French implosion and much more. In fact, a glance through the topics of their last few shows suggests an unusual willingness to look beyond the headlines – here’s their description of their last show to give you a sense of their breadth:

Halfway through the tournament: 32 games played, 32 to go. The roundtable with Jennifer, Alan, Pablo, and Spanish partisan Tony Presido takes a critical look at the media coverage of Les Blues’ implosion and ponders the success of South America vs. the failings of Europe and Africa. We talk with Tom Dunmore of the blog Pitch Invasion, which expands the scope of soccer coverage. Then Jennifer speaks with three of the East Los Angeles contingent of Global Girl Media about the stories they’re covering related to the World Cup. Arturo Cifuentes, a Chilean “football intellectual,” relates the joy in Santiago as Chile notches its second win in this World Cup after a 48 year drought. Lastly, we broadcast the interview we did yesterday evening with Ancelmo Ramos of the Honduran Resistance of Los Angeles, calling on the Honduran team to make a show of solidarity with Hondurans who oppose last year’s coup.

Interesting stuff, and you can listen to all their shows here, wherever you are.