Qatar’s 2022 World Cup Bid: Spectacular Stadiums Promised

Qatar might not be the bookmaker’s favourite to win the right to host the 2022 World Cup from FIFA, but you can’t say they don’t have some interesting stadium designs:

London’s Telegraph wrote about the key figures behind the bid a couple of months ago:

In a part of the world that is not exactly renowned for good news, the bold bid by the Gulf state of Qatar to stage soccer’s World Cup in 2022 has the potential to transform the region’s image throughout the world.

Qatar knows it will face stiff competition from the United States and Australia to stage this prestigious event when its “bid book” is formally submitted next month. But there is nevertheless a quiet confidence at the bid team’s Doha headquarters that staging a world cup in a region that has never previously hosted an international tournament of this stature will be an attractive proposition for the FIFA judges.

After FIFA took the bold decision to stage this year’s finals in South Africa, Sheikh Mohammed bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, the enthusiastic young Qatari prince who is masterminding the emirate’s bid, believes there are compelling arguments for awarding the event to the Middle East.

“The best thing FIFA ever did was to give South Africa the World Cup,” said Sheikh Mohammed, 22, when I met up with him in Doha. “If FIFA lets us stage the games it will be a massive boost for the sport. If you are talking about expanding the game the Middle East is a relatively untapped market.”

Apparently, if you buy the bid’s promises, a revolutionary cooling system will prevent all the players from dissolving into puddles by the end of games: “Each of the five stadiums will harness the power of the suns rays to provide a cool environment for players and fans by converting solar energy into electricity that will then be used to cool both fans and players at the stadiums.”

As for how we assess how realistic Qatar’s chances are of winning the bid when it’s announced this December 2nd? Same as the rest of the bids: we have little idea, as the 24 men who will decide it on FIFA’s Executive Committee continue to be brazenly wooed in questionable ways.

7 thoughts on “Qatar’s 2022 World Cup Bid: Spectacular Stadiums Promised

  1. Sean

    So, so depressing that this circus of corruption and greed is the world ruling body for this lovely game. As ever was, I’m sure. Still depressing.

  2. Brad

    Interesting stadiums. If Qatar gets the bid it will be interesting to see these stadiums for real. I wonder what Qatar has planned for visitors who are not Muslim. I imagine something like alcohol consumption won’t sit too well with some Qatari’s.

  3. WB05 Karl


    Did you happen to notice the Al Rayyan stadium (the giant freakin’ TV stadium) displayed a CNN headline reading, “Shirtless Obama”?

  4. Bobby

    Next year the AFC Asian Cup will be in Qatar, I’m not sure how well the east Asians and Aussies will travel, but that should be a good test for the alcohol thing.

    The renderings of the stadiums blew me away though. They certainly are awe-inspiring and I wouldn’t be shocked if the USA switched gears to focus more on 2018 than 2022 now.

    And I noticed the “Shirtless Obama” thing too, classic.

  5. Tim

    Along with the shirtless Obama thing at Al Rayyan, notice that the text scroll moved to the right…same as the scroll for Arabic on TV and opposite English. English is harder to read with the scroll moving that way. Just a small thing, but kind of surprised that would be overlooked. Of course, there is no way that “shirtless Obama” was an oversight.

  6. Footballcrazedfan

    Guys, alcohol is consumed in bars, more and more restaurants, clubs, and will be served in fan zones that are directly connected to each stadium. Alcohol is no issue whatsoever. In terms of the heat, this cooling technology actually works, and we’ll need to wait until the FIFA inspection visit in mid September to hear their thoughts on it.

    Qatar has clear and concise plans for where it wants to be by 2022, and let me just say that the plans are spectacular. Give it a chance and you might see that “expect amazing” is an appropriate slogan.