Photo Daily: Essential Timbers Army Supplies

Scarf, beer and badge: Portland's Timbers Army.

Scarf, beer and badge: Portland's Timbers Army, joining MLS in 2011.

Photo credit: ohhh_yeah808 on Flickr, via the Pitch Invasion Photo Pool.

3 thoughts on “Photo Daily: Essential Timbers Army Supplies

  1. Timoteo

    Even though I now live in Salt Lake City and have become an RSL fan, I can’t wait until 2011 and the Timbers entrance into the MLS. As I tell all my friends, I’ll root for RSL except against the Timbers. That’s when the green will come out on this RSL season ticket holder.

    Any indication how season ticket sales/commitments are going for the Timbers?

    I think the hire of the new CFO sounds like a really good move. He sounds like a guy who has a lot of experience in the sports field and knows the Portland area idiocyncracies.

    I really hope that the Timbers can build a roster this year that they can largely keep intact moving into the MLS next year. It would really give them a leg up in their first year if they do that. If RSL cuts Chris Schuler, a young CB, Timbers should jump to sign him.

  2. Spicy McHaggis

    There seems to be a few items missing: Food Stamps, passed around copy of Das Kapital, meth pipe. There you go, complete.

    No need to thank me, more than happy to oblige.


    UP, UP THE ECS!!

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