NSC Minnesota Stars: Cool Name Opportunity Missed

NSC Minnesota Stars logo

So Minnestota’s new professional team, to play in the USSF Division 2, will be called the NSC Minnesota Stars, playing at NSC Stadium. NSC stands for the National Sports Center, the owners and operators of the club, who run what is billed as “the world’s largest amateur sports and meeting facility.”

According to the excellent Inside Minnesota Soccer, “North Star FC” was actually the most popular choice in a voting contest, and was preferred by the club, but “because of a myriad of trademark issues that could have been an issue in the future, the organization decided to go with one of the other favorite choices in NSC Minnesota.”

Shame. As IMS goes on to explain, “The NSC logo itself has a star in it representing the North Star which is the Minnesota State nickname. The North Star State” evolved from the State Motto L’Etoile du Nord or “Star of the North.”

That would have been a unique, interesting, locally grounded name. NSC Minnesota Stars is, despite attempting to keep some of that evocation, about as bland as it comes.

Perhaps the club are hoping they will become known as the “North Stars” if fans stick to a preference for that, as Kenn Tomasch says it was mentioned at the press conference that “we hope an organic nickname will arise”. Sounds a bit vague though.

As for the logo, I like the star. I presume the two stripes are supposed to represent the twin cities? Yes? No?  The surrounding shield and fonts…meh. Which isn’t much of a design critique, but really…meh.

We do hear that some fans are pushing to have the north end stand at NSC Stadium named as “du Nord”. We fully endorse this idea to keep the tie in to the North Star theme going, and not just because we love sharing a beer with the actual du Nord.

Your thoughts on the name and logo?

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