The Sweeper: Premier League to Put On Salary Cap?

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West Ham owner David Sullivan sees the light according to the Guardian, calling for a salary cap to be introduced to the Premier League:

West Ham United’s co-owner David Sullivan has reignited the debate over a salary cap in the Premier League, saying it may be the only solution to the “madness” of current top-flight wages.

Sullivan, who along with David Gold bought 50% of West Ham last month for £52.5m, said the salaries were “bad for football” and hit out at the imbalance created by the spending power of the billionaire owners of Manchester City and Chelsea.

“Maybe the ultimate solution would be a salary cap,” said Sullivan. “I’ve always been against it but I’m starting to swing towards it, as they have in American football. Other than that I just don’t see an end to it – of wages out of all proportion to the turnover of the clubs. Somehow there should be some sort of control.”

Well, that couldn’t be because it sucks to be paying Kieron Dyer £60,000-a-week, could it?

This kind of thing needs a little more thought to it than Sullivan’s general sense that Something Must Be Done, and it will need momentum from many more owners and from leadership at the Football Association to coordinate with the Football League (which has a salary cap related to turnover in the lower two divisions, but not in the Championship).

It does seem, though, that the tide is turning as English football clubs realise the hole they have dug themselves with uncapped spending. It will need some support from the big clubs to push this forward….If only there was a leading executive at a leading English club with some experience of running a soccer league with a salary cap….

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