The Sweeper: Elizabeth Lambert, Public Enemy #1

Elizabeth Lambert

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Ok, well, according to Time she’s not public enemy #1…but Elizabeth Lambert is in the top ten. The magazine has named the college soccer play of Youtube infamy as one of their “Top Ten Pariahs” of 2009, putting her in the same group as Bernie Madoff, “Balloon Boy’s Dad”, a Lockerbie bomber and most humiliatingly, Rod Blagojevich.

As Fake Sigi Schmid observes, Time magazine may be lagging behind the times even by its mainstream standards by continuing to insist Lambert’s dirty play makes her one of the world’s worst human beings. Even Newsweek is wondering whether all this attention might not be a touch over the top:

If it had been two men in a Division 1 college game, I doubt we would have gotten so exercised. When Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount punched an opposing player in the face earlier this season, his video also made the rounds. But while Blount was initially suspended for the season, he has already been reinstated. Even Michael Vick is playing football again—and he killed puppies!

Fake Sigi notes the AP wonders why the critique of Lambert had to become so sexualised (see Lambert’s interview with the New York Times for a taste of the depth of the abuse she has received). Dirty play is dirty play, sure, and should be criticised for what it is, regardless of gender. But Lambert apologised for her actions quickly and sincerely. She didn’t kill or maim anyone, abuse her political office or cause millions of people to live in financial misery. Shame on Time magazine.

Worldwide News

  • It’s almost impossible to keep-up with the drama at Notts County. You should read Gary’s excellent summary of the whole mess at Meadow Lane here yesterday along with Mark Meadow’s analysis of the management “buyout” at Twohundredpercent, but this morning the breaking news is that manager Hans Backe has walked out on the club, “disappointing” chairman Peter Trembling, who lamented that “Sven and I are working round the clock on that and come the middle of January we could be in an extremely healthy position and not only back on track but maybe further down the line from where we expected to be, so I am disappointed that Hans has not waited around for that to happen.”  I can’t imagine why Backe has lost faith in Trembling and co. And meanwhile, Sven has called the lawyers in over the millions he is apparently owed by…someone.
  • The latest for Portsmouth is simply more bad news on the financial front: their transfer embargo remains in place with the club needing “to find at least £10 million in order to satisfy the immediate demands of their list of creditors according to the Times.  Whisper it quietly, but even though the rules are stacked against it, we could see a Premier League club docked points for going into administration for the first time.
  • The Kansas City Business Journal has an interesting piece on the ongoing efforts by the Kansas City Wizards to get their new stadium off the ground, with a lot of money on the line for the local community and the team. What’s most bizarre about the piece is its reliance on BigSoccer for quotes from soccer fans. This lazy blogger probably shouldn’t accuse other writers of laziness, but what happened to journalists actually calling up real people, instead of just citing their online incarnations?
  • What do you think of the EURO 2012 logo unveiled yesterday?  It’s certainly…fragrant.

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