The Daily Sweeper (July 14)

The Daily Sweeper is a new feature, that will be on trial until the end of July. It will replace the occasional It’s In the Inter(net) links roundup with more depth and the odd bit of analysis, whilst also providing a return for Photo Daily at the bottom. The links will focus on football culture and news around the world from blogs and the mainstream press.

Please feel free to drop your own links on what’s worth reading elsewhere and your thoughts on the day’s news and articles in the comments, and let me know if you like the feature or not.



Women’s Football



Photo Daily

2 thoughts on “The Daily Sweeper (July 14)

  1. ursus arctos

    Terrific idea, and the execution is even better.

    That photo of the Zurich railway station should be the default for all transfer speculation stories for at least 12 months.