Breaking: Liverpool fans to launch their own club, AFC Liverpool

AFC LiverpoolLike Manchester United and Wimbledon fans before them with FC United of Manchester and AFC Wimbledon, Liverpool supporters aim to start their own grassroots supporter-run club, AFC Liverpool, in non-League football.

The AFC Liverpool website explains the venture:

As yet it is just an idea but YOU can make it a reality. The plan is to create a new independent football club owned by Liverpool fans and run by Liverpool fans. It will be an Industrial & Provident Society where everyone can buy into it and get an equal vote. A genuine grassroots, not for profit football club.

Judging from this forum, this is an idea that emerged a few days ago, hot on the heels of the protests against the American owners Tom Hicks and George Gillet, and following Rogin Taylor’s Share Liverpool FC supporter-ownership plan.

I have contacted those behind the site, and will update this page if and when I get more details for you. Any thoughts on whether this is the right move?

Update: Ian from 200% has suggested elsewhere that AFC Liverpool could prospectively groundshare with Marine F.C., who play in Crosby, Merseyside. Their ground, Rossett Park (actually, now the Arriva Stadium for sponsorship reasons), has a capacity of 2,800 that would be an excellent starter for AFC Liverpool. Their ground is quite unique, a brilliant reminder of the unique nature of non-League football and a far cry from the billion dollar plan for a new Anfield, as this picture shows: it’s hemmed on one side by houses literally on the side of the pitch.

Update, 13/2/07: Pitch Invasion interviewed Alun Parry, the man behind this idea, earlier today. Click here to read it.

8 thoughts on “Breaking: Liverpool fans to launch their own club, AFC Liverpool

  1. historyman

    If a section of the support feels so passionately about this new direction, then they should go through with it. it remains to be seen whether a significant proportion of Liverpool fans will link arms with them. My guess is no.

  2. Wyre Forest Red

    As an FC United fan I really hope that this takes off, an AFC Liverpool V. Fc Utd game would be………interesting! To any uncertain Liverpool fans out there all I can say is that it is the best thing I ever did, giving up Old Trafford for FC Utd, totally reigniting my enjoyment of watching football on a Saturday again.
    If you do get things off the ground hopefully the North west Counties league will be happy to accept you…. you will have some fantastic days out and a warm welcome in many non league grounds. GO FOR IT!!!

  3. Betting on the Reds

    Initially I thought this was a strange idea that I would never be interested in – then I thought about it and, actually, I think it would be amazing. I don’t think this is just a reaction to the US debacle going on at the club at the minute but also a reaction to the fact that Premiership footy these days is usually dull and going to the games has become such a samey, sanitised experience that getting back to grass-roots and what the game should be all about is a natural ‘progression’ for true fans.

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