Kevin Keegan Says Be Smart, Be Safe

Kevin KeeganYou will watch this video, the classic Keegan rant against Man Utd, innumerable times, and if you’re unlucky, others will join Gramsci’s Kingdom in unearthing nostalgic and frankly disturbing photos of “Wor Kev” as the Messiah returns to Newcastle.

You will hear the sounds of barrelous laughter from football fans across England, as Mike Ashley does what we all hoped he’d do, apart from the bit about involving Alan Shearer as well.

You will see approximately 824,000 Geordies dressed in Black & White to welcome Kev at St. James Park, and hear 18,999 commentators state they’re the best in the land and deserve better than they’ve had since. . .well, since Kev left.

So how will it go? Brian at the Run of Play isn’t quite sure.

There’s something about Kevin Keegan that makes it impossible to say. On the one hand, he did sort of save the club the last time he managed it. On the other hand, he’s Kevin Keegan. He seems to exist in a small dead spot on the resonating surface of tone.

What do you think? Will Keegan don the boots himself and lead the line in a revolutionary 1-1-8 formation? Will he resign in the toilets next week when he finds out Joey Barton’s on his team? Or will he lead them back to where they belong by rights historically, about three places higher than they presently are?

Photo credits: dug_da_bu and davidwatts1978

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