Chasetown’s F.A. Cup Dream Ends

Since we’ve been talking non-league all week, it seems fitting to end it with Chasetown F.C.’s elimination from the F.A. Cup today. The Southern League team (originally known as Chase Terrace Old Scholars Youth Club; their ground still reflects this, being called the Scholars Ground) were the lowest-ranked team ever to make it to the third round of the F.A. Cup (note: not quite sure on the lowest-ranked claim, anyone know for sure?).

They reside in the Southern League Division One Midlands, which according to Bill’s map of the English football pyramid, puts them in the eighth tier. Their opponents today, Cardiff, were six tiers higher.

The F.A. Cup visits Chasetown

The F.A. Cup in Chasetown

Chasetown’s fans can be more than proud of their team, who took a shock seventeenth minute lead against Cardiff before eventually losing 3-1 in front of 2,000 at the Scholars Ground. There’s a wonderful photo gallery of Chasetown here.

Photo credit: Slightning on Flickr

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