Photo Daily | November 27 | World Cup 2006: Celebration in Paris

French way of celebrating victory :-(

Photo credit: Hugo* on Flickr, via the Pitch Invasion photo pool.

In the second of our photo series this week on the 2006 World Cup, here’s the unpleasant side of “celebration” from the night France beat Brazil 1-0 in the quarter finals.

The photographer explains:

Paris took to the streets to celebrate, invading the whole Champs-Elysées. Unfortunately, things turned nasty: clashes erupted between some “casseurs” (trouble-makers) and riot police near the Place de l’Etoile, with a car eventually burnt down rue de Presbourg (in front of the Drugstore).

Here, you see one of the “casseurs” in front of the burning car (seen from the Champs-Elysées side of the street).