More on the Aftermath of Gabriele Sandri’s Death and the Riots in Italy

Unfortunately I don’t have the time (or the knowledge) to construct a thoughtful post on the aftermath of yesterday’s terrible events in Italy this morning. But I can again urge you to read the commentary from two people on the ground there: see ursus’ latest comment today on our post regarding what happened with the actual shooting (it looks like the cop is being thrown under the bus by the authorities as he may now face a manslaughter charge) — and more from Spangly Princess in Rome on the response of the bereaving family, who posted a sign in their shop reading “Yesterday a disgusting bastard murdered my son. May you be cursed for all time.”

2 thoughts on “More on the Aftermath of Gabriele Sandri’s Death and the Riots in Italy

  1. Brian

    I’ve posted this elsewhere, so apologies to anyone who’s come across it twice, but I want to say thanks to all who’ve written and posted here (especially Tom, Spangly Princess, Martha and Ursus) for what has been really excellent coverage of this nightmarish situation–the work you’ve done in keeping the strands of this story collected in one place has been exemplary and I think has demonstrated the value of blogs in a crisis. I just wanted to let you know that I’ve linked to some of this coverage at The Run of Play, in a more general post on why we find football violence so fascinating. You can see my post here:

    Thanks again for your terrific work.

  2. Thomas Dunmore Post author

    Very kind of you to include me, but the others you mention actually did all the hard work. But I certainly agree given the very poor coverage this has received in the English-language press, the value of people who understand the situation’s nuances is enormous.