The Mad Genius of Ray Hudson

We are both late and early on this (since we posted an ode to GOLTV commentator Ray Hudson some months ago, when he aptly captured the enigma that is Riquelme as a “big, beautiful zombie”), but the blog Hudsonia is burning up the soccersphere with a collection of his inimical style in text and audio form.

Of course, sadly, times have changed and Ray’s opportunities to wax about Riquelme have declined.

Nobody idolises Riquelme the way I do. I absolutely worship the ground he walks on, but Pellegrini has seen that cow milked for all of its goodness in Villarreal and the time has come to say goodbye.
Ray Hudson, 8:03 1st

Thankfully, Ray seems to have an endless treasure trove to dip into. Some can’t stand Ray’s pronounced Geordie bombast; and some can’t get enough of his mad ramblings. Increasingly, I fall into the latter category, and the blog explains why.

A tip of the hat to The Offside Rules for pointing me there.

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