A Note on Comments, and Introduce Yourselves

At Pitch Invasion, I’m fortunate to have people commenting on the posts who are smarter and more knowledgeable about the global game than me. Even if I forget to show it, I love getting thoughtful, critical comments; the beauty of blogging (says someone who has spent two years working on a dissertation no-one outside of my committee of three will ever read) lies in the instant feedback.

And fortunately, due to the fact I finally installed some decent spam filters on this blog, feedback will now be instantaneous for everyone when you submit it (unless, that is, you include lots of bad words or phrases such as ‘viagra’, ‘credit card no limit’ or ‘New England Revolution rule’).

No longer will there be a moderation limbo for first time commenters, which I hope will facilitate discussion. Which reminds me: if you read this site regularly, why not drop a comment right here and tell us who you are, where you’re from and who you support? The site would be nothing without you readers, after all.

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