Arsenal Supporters Protest Usmanov

The various takeovers at Premiership clubs have ellicited vastly differing responses from fans over the years, for factors too diverse to go into here.

Tomorrow, Arsenal take on Manchester United in the match of the season so far. United fans famously stood up to the takeover by Malcolm Glazer, and the big fixture is being seen by some Arsenal fans as a chance to take a stand of their own on Alisher Usmanov, seen by many as a disreputable prospective owner.

Arsenal’s RedAction group are planning a march tomorrow to “send a message” on the issue.

The protests on the day are so that the world knows how Arsenal fans feel about such changes to our club. It won’t stop Usmanov hoovering up shares but it will send a message to him, to Dein, to AFC shareholders and to the media.

Alisher Usmanov Protest Red Action

We’ll report back when we find out how the protest goes, and it’ll be interesting to see how (if at all) the media reports on it, given it’s generally rolled over for Usmanov so far.

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