Usmanov’s Lawyers Try to Silence Craig Murray

To follow-up briefly once again on the ongoing Alisher Usmanov saga, the Uzbeki oligarch’s high-priced lawyers Schilling’s have finally gotten their way and former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray’s website has been taken down.

This follows the massive legal pressure put on by Schillings to websites such as this one that only seek to put into the open claims by Murray which Usmanov’s lawyers will not directly sue him for, despite his strong encouragement for them to do so.

Even worse is that down with Murray’s site have gone many other blogs completely unrelated to Murray’s claims, which as he most recently noted, have not been countered in print by anyone.

I recommend Murray’s book, Murder in Samarkand, to anyone interested in learning more about the background of all of this, with regard to his experiences as a British Ambassador in murky Uzbekistan.

I’m glad to see some Arsenal fans taking a very dim view of Usmanov, who increased his holding in Arsenal just this week and was described by as “a man whose heavy handed approach is disgraceful and brings shame on Arsenal FC.” I’m no fan of Arsenal myself, indeed quite the contrary, but I wouldn’t inflict this situation on any fellow football fans.

Update: a post by Blairwatch notes that the collateral damage of the takedown might hurt Usmanov’s standing in the London establishment. There’s now a pretty large campaign amongst bloggers highlighting the issue: Schilling’s may well have shot themselves in the foot with this one.

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