Open Thread: Women’s World Cup

I’m not a huge fan of open threads, as it’s a bit weak of a blog writer just to make his readers do all the work.  But I really don’t have much to say about the Women’s World Cup, and I’m very curious as to what everyone else thinks about it: interested? apathetic? passionate? And if so…Why?

I’d actually like to be interested in it myself.  I’ve got plenty of respect for women’s soccer, though saying that in itself does reveal I have some residue of a patronising attitude towards it. Somehow, though, perhaps because of the time difference, perhaps not, I’ve yet to watch a game — even though the TV coverage in the U.S. seems to be pretty good.

So for those interested, which teams and what games should someone who hasn’t seen much women’s soccer be sure not to miss?

Let me know your thoughts on this event, from whatever your perspective is.

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