Defending MLS’ Actual Fans

Jamie Trecker, guest blogging for Luis Arroyave at, has some comments on MLS’ marketing failures:

In fact, the only two groups that MLS hasn’t tried to attract are the ones that actually have showed up to see the games from day one: the hardcore fan, so to speak and those of us out here who actually follow and enjoy sports. You know us; we’re called sports fans.

And, this being Chicago, he has some words for the Fire’s notoriously awful treatment of Section 8:

Apparently, all these loud, happy folks are bad for business because they might scare off the tremulous whites in the suburbs and their towheaded young. Oddly enough, this has not hurt the Cubs’ bottom line, but I’m just repeating what people wearing suits who work for MLS have told me.

This isn’t anything we haven’t heard or covered here before, but more commentary of this kind is always good to see.

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