4 thoughts on “Photo Daily – 07.08.07 – Portland’s Timber Jim Celebrates a Goal

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  2. Bob

    Nothing more beautiful than when Jim fires up the chainsaw and slices off a piece of wood! The all time best was when Alan Gordon was playing for the Timbers. The team was down 2-0 in the 80th minute and Gordon proceeded to score a hattrick. After the last goal the whistle blew, Gordon ran over to the chainsaw and sliced off a log for himself. It was epic. Thank God he didn’t amputate his foot in the process.

  3. Thomas Dunmore

    Great story, Bob.

    Come to think of it, there aren’t many teams in the world where a fan would be allowed within 500 feet of a chainsaw inside the stadium. Some players or other fans would definitely lose limbs.

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