All Euro 2020 – 2021 Jerseys

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The Euro 2020 home and away kits have been released. Find out all about them in this detailed article. At the beginning of September, most of the national teams unveiled the kits they’ll be playing in at Euro 2020 in June during the launch of the Nations League.

Group A Euro 2020 Jerseys: Turkey, Italy, Wales and Switzerland

Turkey 🇹🇷

Turkey has changed very little. They’ve kept the white for home and red for away.

🇹🇷 Home ✈️ Away
Turkey Home Jersey Turkey Away jersey

Italy 🇮🇹

Italy was one of the first nations to unveil its Euro 2020 jersey. More specifically, it was their kit supplier who released it.

Italy’s home jersey is the usual blue, reminiscent of the Renaissance period. Perhaps a message for Italy, who couldn’t go far at Euro 2016 and were absent from the 2018 World Cup, and are therefore reminiscing the good old days.

🇮🇹 Home ✈️ Away
Italy Home Jersey Italy away jersey

Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

For its second participation after Euro 2016, which was marked by a semi-final loss against Portugal, Wales is staying with the red but has added yellow on each sleeve. This colour is also the colour of their away jersey.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Home ✈️ Away
Wales home jersey Wales away jersey

Switzerland 🇨🇭

Switzerland will wear a neutral and red home kit, matching the colours of the country’s flag. The away kit is white but is livened up by found lines made up of small crosses. These four lines represent the mountains, as well as the four languages spoken in the country (French, German, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanic).

🇨🇭 Home ✈️ Away
Switzerland Home jersey Switzerland away jersey

Group B Euro 2020 Jerseys: Denmark, Finland, Belgium and Russia

Denmark 🇩🇰

There is currently no trace of the Danish jersey. We’ll update as soon as we hear from their supplier.

🇩🇰 Home ✈️ Away
Denmark home jersey Denmark away jersey

Finland 🇫🇮

White and blue, but this time with a cross going from light to dark blue in a gradient to represent the Finnish flag. The away jersey for the Euro is more sombre with its dark blue.

🇫🇮 Home ✈️ Away
Finland home jersey Finland away jersey

Belgium  🇧🇪

Belgium, the top-ranked nation in the rankings, will be expected to make their presence known during the competition. The home kit is red, of course, with two wide stripes running down the side of the tunic. The away kit is a light grey jersey with the Belgian flag on the sleeves. Some patterns also appear on the front and back of the jersey.

🇧🇪 Home ✈️ Away
Belgium home jersey Belgium away jersey

Russia 🇷🇺

As with some other countries’ jerseys, the sleeves mirror the nation’s flag, as well as featuring its dominant colour – red.

🇷🇺 Home ✈️ Away
Russia home jersey Russia away jersey

Group C Euro 2020 Jerseys: Austria, Netherlands, Ukraine and Macedonia

Austria 🇦🇹

The Austrians have two very original shirts with their two types of prints, especially their away jersey with its contrasting colours (black and turquoise).

🇦🇹 Home ✈️ Away
Austria home jersey Austria away jersey

Netherlands 🇳🇱

The Netherlands’ Euro 2020 jerseys are exclusively orange and black. The home jersey respects the colour of the ‘Oranje’ with a little black on the collar.
In contrast, the outer jersey is black with the side of the jersey being orange. These are kits that won’t be much of a change for Virgil Van Dijk (if he returns from injury in time) and his teammates.

🇳🇱 Home ✈️ Away
Netherlands home jersey Netherlands away jersey

Ukraine 🇺🇦

Classicism is the word that comes to mind when you think of Eastern countries. Yellow and blue, faithful to the colours of its national flag. No more no less.

🇺🇦 Home ✈️ Away
Ukraine home jersey Ukraine away jersey

Macedonia 🇲🇰

For its first participation, Macedonia is wearing the colours of its flag. Red and yellow. Their kit supplier is also the only brand that offers only one jersey.

🇲🇰 Home ✈️ Away
North Macedonia home jersey North Macedonia away jersey

Group D Euro 2020 Jerseys: England, Croatia, Czech Republic and Scotland

England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

As is often the case, England’s jerseys are fairly plain and unadorned. Their Euro 2020 jerseys follow this tradition. The home jersey is all white. The away jersey has changed a bit from the last few years as it is now blue instead of red.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Home ✈️ Away
England home jersey England away jersey

Croatia 🇭🇷

For their return to a major international tournament after their 2018 World Cup final, Croatia has once again pulled out the checkered pattern. As usual, the home jersey is white with red checks, unless it is the other way around. The HNS away jersey is black with a grey chequered pattern.

🇭🇷 Home ✈️ Away
Croatia home jersey Croatia away jersey

Czech Republic 🇨🇿

Here, it will be difficult to be enthusiastic. The other kit that the federation will be taking with them in their suitcases stands out with its almost fluorescent yellow and its light print.

🇨🇿 Home ✈️ Away
Czech Republic home jersey Czech Republic away jersey

Scotland 🏴

Scotland has gone for a classic home kit. We particularly like the one they will use to play their away games in their Argentinean tones.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Home ✈️ Away
Scotland home jersey Scotland away jersey

Group E Euro 2020 jerseys: Poland, Spain, Sweden and Slovakia

Poland 🇵🇱

Robert Lewandowski’s teammates know their home jersey for Euro 2020. A white jersey with red piping, influenced by the country’s flag. They also know their away jersey: the complete opposite with a red jersey and white details.

🇵🇱 Home ✈️ Away
Poland home jersey Poland away jersey

Spain 🇪🇸

Original. The team’s kit supplier has created a special jersey for the home kit. It features a grid similar to modern plaid. The away kit is more extravagant.

🇪🇸 Home ✈️ Away
Spain home jersey Spain away jersey

Sweden 🇸🇪

The home kit’s jersey is simple and effective – and yellow. The blue – the other colour on the Swedish flag – will most likely come with the away kit.

🇸🇪 Home ✈️ Away
Sweden home jersey Sweden away jersey

Slovakia 🇸🇰

The away jersey is classic, while the home jersey is a more interesting dark blue speckled with light blue.

🇸🇰 Home ✈️ Away
Slovakia home jersey Slovakia away jersey

Group F Euro 2020 Jerseys: France, Portugal, Germany and Hungary

France 🇫🇷

The home jersey is blue with dark blue stripes and a horizontal red stripe to remind fans of past successes (1984, 1998 and 2000). It was a good memory for Didier Deschamps, the French team’s coach.

The away jersey is completely white with blue white and red stripes on the side of the jersey. These jerseys are already available as indicated in the table at the beginning of the article.

🇫🇷 Home ✈️ Away
France home jersey France away jersey

Portugal 🇵🇹

Portugal, winners of the last edition, will defend their title at Euro 2020. The home jersey will be completely red, with a collar, a specificity introduced by Nike for many jerseys. The away jersey is light blue. It is crossed with three horizontal stripes with the flag of Portugal, which is found on the socks.

🇵🇹 Home ✈️ Away
Portugal home jersey Portugal away jersey

Germany 🇩🇪

No frills for the main jersey. However, we’re a bit afraid of what the away kit could be, as we have been in the past. Questionable green colours are not the right choice to come back to!

🇩🇪 Home ✈️ Away
Germany home jersey Germany away jersey

Hungary 🇭🇺

Hungary keeps it simple and effective. Red dominates. The away jersey is also simple despite its slightly grey print.

🇭🇺 Home ✈️ Away
Hungary home jersey Hungary away jersey

The second life of the French EURO team jerseys

The French Football Federation knows that the stars of the French national team are real idols for children. Therefore the federation wanted to give children stuck in the hospital something to give them more strength to cope.

The Robert Debré Hospital in Paris was visited by representatives of the institution and the Mode Estime Association. This visit aimed to bring smiles to the children’s faces by giving them old EDF jerseys, transformed for the occasion into medical coats. This transformation was made possible by Mode Estime, which enables the disabled and unemployed to reintegrate into society through work, and therefore through fashion.

Giving the shirts a new life in this way manages to provide smiles and power to the young patients who in fact, as the hospital Rober Debré confided, leave feeling stronger as they head into the operating room.

There is a similar initiative in Spain, where similar steps were launched at the San Rafael Hospital in Madrid. Here, scrubs from Real and Atletico jerseys were offered to kids in 2019.

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