5 Best Facebook Tipsters for Football Betting

Warren Ashurst
February 24th 2021, 12:18 pm
Last Updated 3 years ago
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Football fans love a wager – let’s face it, it makes the match that bit more tense and exciting. Even better, when your prediction comes in, you walk away with a pocketful of cash.

The tricky part is of course predicting the outcome. We all have our good days at the bookies, but most of us have our fair share ofbad ones too. So where can we go to find better tips?

While Twitter dominates the tipster world, Facebook has its fair share of excellent accounts, offering great predictions. Many of these pages are run by former bookies or those with industry experience, meaning they often have anadvantage over the rest of us.

We’ve compiled a list of the best Facebook tipsters, ensuring that they not only offer a good experience for followers, but have a proven track record of being in the black.

Football Betting Tips & Predictions

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 21.35.06

Facebook Username: /Footytips99

Page Likes: 92,328

Page Activity: Numerous posts per day, with extra during matches to promote interesting in-play wagers

Facebook Betting Tips & Predictions is one of the largest tip sharing pages on Facebook and focuses, as its name suggests, solely on football.

Their main type of post is bet sharing, where they suggest which outcomes they fancy from a range of upcoming fixtures. These matches will usually be from the main European leagues and key international events, so punters who like a more obscure bet may want to look elsewhere.

They also post a number of promotions and bonuses being run by major bookmakers, which is ideal as you won’t have to go searching around the Internet for free bets etc.

So, how reliable are they? We followed the outcome of their wagers for a while and are pleased to announce they were making a tidy profit! FBT&P post the results of their latest wagers when the matches end, so you can easily track their progress.

Follower Feedback:You can tell a lot about a tipster page from their replies alone, and these guys generally have great comments. The page has a loyal following who also like to share their own tips.

Obscure Football Betting Tips

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 21.35.53

Facebook Username: /obscure-football-betting-tips

Page Likes: 7,501

Page Activity: Regular daily posts

Most punters like to wager on the big leagues and matches, but someprefer to scour the world of football for the less obvious bets. That’s where Obscure Football Betting Tips come in.

While they do dish out free tips, their focus is on a paid community who share tips. The winners and losers within this community are recorded on a communal excel document, which is visible on their Facebook page.

While many punters balk at the idea of paying for tips, it’s certainly something to consider if you’re going to be winning big, even if you only join the community for a month.

While they do offer in-play tips, their page predominately focuses on pre-match bets, which can range from outright winner markets to Asian handicaps, total corners and more.

They’re very much aimed at the more diverse and experienced punter.

Follower Feedback: OFBT appear to have a modest but loyal following with a good community spirit. If you sift through the spam their account seems to be hit by, you get a good feeling about these guys.

Betting Kingdom


Facebook Username: /BettingKingdom

Page Likes: 1,231

Page Activity: Regular daily tips

Betting Kingdom focuses around posting tips combined with promotions, such as a free bet on a selected bookmaker combined with their prediction for the outcome of that match. This allows punters to get the best possible deal on their deposit.

Alongside this BK run a ‘Tip of The Day’, this typically focuses on an individual player and suggests a savvy wager based on their recent form. Individual player markets are often overlooked by tipsters, despite having generally good odds, so it’s a nice addition to their repertoire.

With Betting Kingdom there is no need to join any form of paid community – simply follow their page and choose from their tips.

Betting Kingdom also liked to offer daily small giveaways to followers who accurately predict the outcome of a selected match. It’s a nice touch and a cool way of earning some pocket change.

Follower Feedback: While they might not have the biggest audience in the world, their feedback is overwhelmingly positive and is usually focused around sharing tips and discussing predictions.

Football Betting Insider


Facebook Username:/football-betting-insider

Page Likes: 5,785

Page Activity:Several posts a week

While not the most active page in the world, Football Betting Insider has a strong success rate with their tips, which makes them a worthwhile inclusion. They recently had a 9 bet winning streak on a mix of international friendlies and “obscure” league matches, from countries like Romania and Finland.

When it comes to betting tips, a lot of tipsters make cagey bets on big sides, where upsets are rare. After all, anybody could have a good “record” backing PSG, Barcelona and Real Madrid to win every weekend. So the appeal here is their success rate over a wide range of matches.

Follower Feedback: Their followers are supportive and interact positively. Any questions they pose are quickly answered.

Global Sports Tipster


Facebook Username: /global-sports-tipster

Page Likes: 4,242

Page Activity: At least one post per day

Global Sports Tipster offers a real mix of pre-match and in-play bets, which gives them a broad appeal. Despite the name ‘Global Sports’, they seem to focus almost exclusively on football, which is fine by us!

They’re very upfront with their predictions and their record, which makes senses as their bets frequently come in. They also offer up a lot of challenges for themselves and their followers, such as turning £25 into £1000 through various wagers.

Like other tipsters, they also offer a premium community, which has more tips and other advantages for paying customers.

Follower Feedback: Their follower interaction is extremely high, full of positive discussion and an exchange of ideas (along with the customary social media weirdos who plague every major account).


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