Betting on Euro 2020: types of bets, offers, odds, predictions

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Those eager to bet on Euro 2020 will find this Euro 2020 Betting guide a great ally. From the most used European Championship betting types (explained down to the last detail) and the current odds offered to predictions and tips about the winner of the tournament and the best betting sites for Euro football betting, here you will find it all.

Betting on Euro 2020: Types of bets, offers, odds, predictions

If you wish to bet on Euro 2020 and boost your winning chances, then you need to know, at least, some of the basics, such as the most common bets of Euro 2020 and, of course, where you can find the best offers and odds online. The following sections will guide you through every step of the way so that you can make an informed decision when the time comes to bet on Euro 2020.

Before you do, though, bear in mind that Euro 2020 betting is only available to individuals you are, at least, 18 years of age (or 21, in some cases, depending on the online operator’s terms and conditions) and have an account with a betting site.

You may check our guide of all types of bets here.

Most common bets of Euro 2020

Euro 2020 betting involves choosing between several betting markets that are currently on offer. For instance, you can bet on:

  • Qualifying for the knockout stage
  • Tournament winner
  • Group winner
  • Top goalscorer
  • Over-under goal totals
  • Both teams to score (BTTS)
  • Correct score
  • 1×2 match betting
  • Asian handicap
  • Draw No Bet

You may access a full guide of all types of bets here. Below, is a breakdown of the most common euro football betting types.

Bet on qualifying Euro 2020

Unlike what was happening the previous years, Euro 2020 brings something different as the tournament will not be hosted by a single nation. On the contrary, it will be played across 12 different European host stadiums while making every team go through the qualification process.

All Euro teams (55 in total) will fight for one of the 24 available spots at the tournament. Of the 24 countries that will make it, 20 will emerge from the qualification process, and four will feature in the Euro 2020 through the Nations League.

If you want to bet on Euro 2020, then bear in mind that the qualification process will consist of a total of 10 groups (5 groups of 6 teams + 5 groups of 5 teams). Each group will contribute their top two teams. Now, the four teams that didn’t make the cut in the qualification process will take part on the Nations League playoffs (March 2020) for a second chance to make it to Euro 2020. If they win, they have the opportunity to qualify for the tournament if they go through the Semi-Finals and Finals successfully.

The available Euro 2020 betting types include group winner, where you, obviously, are betting on your favourite team to finish in a top position during the initial stage of the Euro 2020. You do so via an outright bet that is usually placed before the start of the competition (the odds shorten the more we move towards the completion of the group stage). Another to-know European Championship betting type refers to which team will qualify for the knockout stage.

Bet on winner Euro 2020

Betting on winner is a straightforward, outright bet that is placed before the competition starts when the odds are higher, considering that the qualifying stage is not finished yet. However, it may also be laid during the competition, but with lower odds. This bet is not for the outcome of an individual match, rather than the entire tournament and often comes with higher returns given the difficulty in predicting future events and the unpredictable nature of knockout competitions.

If we had to make a forecast here, we would say that given the format of the competition, chances are all the favourite nations will qualify for the final stage of the tournament. We don’t expect any surprises from Belgium, Spain, or England, but we will indeed have to wait to see how Croatia and Portugal will do since the first must best their rivals in Wales and Slovenia while the second already has two defeats on their back.

Germany, France, Czechoslovakia, Greece, and Italy, which have all been crowned Euro champs will also give a good fight, claiming the title yet once more.

Former Winners of the European Championships

Year Nation Runner-up
2016 Portugal France 
2012 Spain Italy
2008 Spain Germany
2004 Greece Portugal
2000 France Italy
1996 Germany Czech Republic
1992 Denmark Germany

To be able to make an educated decision when you bet on Euro 2020, ensure you get your hands on some stats. For instance, in the qualifying group stage, there have been almost 4 goals per game, which is way more than any European Championship we have seen thus far. For that reason, you might want to consider betting on goals (over) too. Also, the majority of games ended with, at least, a 2-goal victory, which shows that the differences between teams in the qualifying stage (and moving forward) can be significant. So, the home advantage may not play such a huge role after all. The same applies to predictions on Draws because it simply is a result that we barely ever see, at least, at this phase of the competition.

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Bet on top goalscorer Euro 2020

Betting on top goalscorer is perhaps one of the most challenging bets in Euro football betting. Despite the particularly attractive odds, the top goalscorer will depend on how far his country has progressed in the tournament.

This outright bet is also usually placed before the event starts to ensure the best odds. Now, common sense dictates that the top goalscorer is directly linked with whichever team acquits itself well in the tournament. Players belonging to such teams are more likely to be included in the top goalscorer list. For that reason, you need a great striker from a nation that has the most chances to do well, so do combine your thinking.

However, besides the top goalscorer, you may also consider betting on the first anytime goalscorer too, especially if you are a fan of the scorers’ markets for individual matches.

In this case, note that anytime goalscorer bets come with weaker odds compared to the last or the first goalscorer.

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Outright betting Euro 2020

The match that will determine the winner of the Euro 2020 will take place on July 14th at London Stadium. If you are interested in betting on the final winner, then among the favourites we believe will win and arrive at the final match will most likely be France (can one forget the incredible Euro 2016 Final between France and Portugal?), England, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Croatia, and Portugal.

To get the most of your Euro final betting endeavours, you could consider opening accounts with a number of different online operators so that you can benefit from their free bet offers (the more, the merrier). Then, compare the odds provided by the bookmakers to take the best ones for your Euro 2020 betting activities. You may also use a betting calculator to work out your potential returns.

Best betting sites for Euro 2020: bonuses and free bets

Below is a detailed table including special offers and bonuses that might be available during Euro 2020. Note that this selection of the best betting sites is just the pure opinion of our editorial staff.


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Euro 2020 odds

Among the most common European Championship betting odds available for Euro 2020 are top goalscorer, Euro 2020 winner, Euro qualifying, and more. online bookmakers have already begun offering enhanced odds for the Euro 2020, so we anticipate a thrilling European Championship betting experience in the months to come. You will find a complete list of all current Euro football betting odds in the following table.


Euro 2020 betting: Favourites and predictions

Having lit up the World Cup twice already, France will naturally occupy a place in the Favourites To Win list. Given Kylian Mbappe’s profound talent, chances are we’ll be seeing him claiming a top position among the best goalscorers at the tournament too.

Wales is also a strong contestant to qualify for the tournament with Croatia their main obstacle in the qualifying group. In a Euro tournament that what will likely be Cristiano Ronaldo’s last competition, Portugal is also set high to retain the title. Of course, after England’s phenomenal performance at Russia last year, the Three Lions are definitely set to navigate through their group in the qualifiers.