The bet365 Mobile App: What You Need to Know

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The bet365 mobile betting app means that you never need to miss out on an opportunity to place a bet, even when you’re at work or on the go. It’s fast, intuitive and offers the same outstanding features as the bet365 website including the in-play markets, so you can be sure of seeing plenty of great sporting action wherever you are.

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Downloading the bet365 Mobile App – 4/5

iPhone users can download the bet365 mobileapp straight from the iTunes store. It works on iOS 6 or higher, so it will be fine even on older handsets. However,Android users will need to go to the bet365 site using their mobile device. At the bottom of the homepage there is a link which says “View all bet365 apps”.

This is different from the bet365 news app, which is available in the Google Play store. You’ll need to ensure that you allow your phone or tablet to install apps from outside the Google Play store. This is usually done by going to Settings > Security and then ticking a box which says something like “allow apps from unknown sources”. The app is also available for Windows phone, tablets and even Blackberries, so everybody can get in on the fun.

Welcome Offer – 4/5

bet365 is well renowned in the world of sports betting for offering a strong welcome offer to new players, compared to other sites. To find the latest current offer, you should visit bet365 using the button below and check out what they are offering.

You should also check here what is the current bet365 bonus code.

Features – 5/5

Sports available viabet365 mobile

Of course, looking good and having great deals is all very well, but only if you have the markets to play on. Fortunately anyone using themobile versionwill find themselves spoiled for choice. First of all, the app gives you access to the same markets as on the main bet365 website.

This featuresin-play markets including:

  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Horse racing

There are two main ways you can keep on top of what’s happening.One is to use push notifications, which is great when you have to watch your data or when you’re simply struggling to get any sort of decent connection to the online world, for example when you’re on a train without Wi-Fi (or without decent Wi-Fi at any rate).

The other is to make use of bet365’s live-streaming service. As with any streaming service, this requires a decent online connection, so you will either need Wi-Fi or the ability to download plenty of data smoothly. As well as showing all those key soccer matches you simply can not miss, bet365 mobileoffers live streaming of horse racing from both the UK and Ireland along with tennis and basketball.

Access to live streaming relies on having a funded account, or having placed a bet in the previous 24 hours. Geographical restrictions also apply to certain events.


For those who want a bit of variety, you can also access the casino, games, bingo and poker from within the app. Poker players in particular will be pleased to know that you can have full confidence in the app’s stability. As long as you have a decent internet connection and you’ve power in your mobile device, you can be sure of getting a decent game without any worries that the app will freeze or crash.

Streaming Today - Wed, 14. April 2021
Start timeSportEvent Details
18:30Soccer Xalinho FC (XAL) Esports @ Arukonda (ARU) Esports
18:30Soccer Stuttgart (stdm) Esports v Augsburg (AlBack) Esports
18:30Soccer Cologne (Stig) Esports v Mainz (Kiser) Esports
18:44Soccer Cologne (Stig) Esports v Augsburg (AlBack) Esports
18:44Soccer Schalke (OoLancer) Esports v Mainz (Kiser) Esports
18:58Soccer Schalke (OoLancer) Esports v Cologne (Stig) Esports
18:58Soccer Mainz (Kiser) Esports v Stuttgart (stdm) Esports
19:00Soccer Vikingur Gota v KI Klaksvik
19:00Soccer HB Torshavn v IF Fuglafjordur
19:12Soccer Schalke (OoLancer) Esports v Augsburg (AlBack) Esports
19:12Soccer Stuttgart (stdm) Esports v Cologne (Stig) Esports
19:15Soccer Academia Deportiva Cantolao v Cienciano
19:26Soccer Mainz (Kiser) Esports v Augsburg (AlBack) Esports
19:26Soccer Stuttgart (stdm) Esports v Schalke (OoLancer) Esports
19:30Soccer Rapid Vienna v FC Blau Weiss Linz
19:40Soccer Augsburg (AlBack) Esports v Stuttgart (stdm) Esports
19:40Soccer Mainz (Kiser) Esports v Cologne (Stig) Esports
19:54Soccer Augsburg (AlBack) Esports v Cologne (Stig) Esports
19:54Soccer Mainz (Kiser) Esports v Schalke (OoLancer) Esports
20:08Soccer Cologne (Stig) Esports v Schalke (OoLancer) Esports
20:08Soccer Stuttgart (stdm) Esports v Mainz (Kiser) Esports
20:22Soccer Augsburg (AlBack) Esports v Schalke (OoLancer) Esports
20:22Soccer Cologne (Stig) Esports v Stuttgart (stdm) Esports
20:36Soccer Augsburg (AlBack) Esports v Mainz (Kiser) Esports
20:36Soccer Schalke (OoLancer) Esports v Stuttgart (stdm) Esports
21:00Soccer Arsenal (Skripp) Esports v Tottenham (AlBack) Esports
21:00Soccer Man Utd (ViTo) Esports v Napoli (Indra13_27) Esports
21:14Soccer Man Utd (ViTo) Esports v Tottenham (AlBack) Esports
21:14Soccer Bayer 04 (Kara) Esports v Napoli (Indra13_27) Esports
21:28Soccer Bayer 04 (Kara) Esports v Man Utd (ViTo) Esports
21:28Soccer Napoli (Indra13_27) Esports v Arsenal (Skripp) Esports
21:30Soccer Sport Huancayo v Alianza Lima
21:42Soccer Bayer 04 (Kara) Esports v Tottenham (AlBack) Esports
21:42Soccer Arsenal (Skripp) Esports v Man Utd (ViTo) Esports
21:56Soccer Napoli (Indra13_27) Esports v Tottenham (AlBack) Esports
21:56Soccer Arsenal (Skripp) Esports v Bayer 04 (Kara) Esports
22:05Soccer FC Mops (FCM) Esports v GremlinS (ZSK) Esports
22:10Soccer Tottenham (AlBack) Esports v Arsenal (Skripp) Esports
22:10Soccer Napoli (Indra13_27) Esports v Man Utd (ViTo) Esports
22:24Soccer Tottenham (AlBack) Esports v Man Utd (ViTo) Esports
22:24Soccer Napoli (Indra13_27) Esports v Bayer 04 (Kara) Esports
22:30Soccer Sakh (FCS) Esports v Carlo (TGK) Esports
22:38Soccer Man Utd (ViTo) Esports v Bayer 04 (Kara) Esports
22:38Soccer Arsenal (Skripp) Esports v Napoli (Indra13_27) Esports
22:52Soccer Tottenham (AlBack) Esports v Bayer 04 (Kara) Esports
22:52Soccer Man Utd (ViTo) Esports v Arsenal (Skripp) Esports
22:55Soccer GremlinS (ZSK) Esports v ICE (RMF) Esports
23:00Soccer Universidad Guadalajara v Oaxaca
23:00Soccer Toronto FC v Leon
23:06Soccer Tottenham (AlBack) Esports v Napoli (Indra13_27) Esports
23:06Soccer Bayer 04 (Kara) Esports v Arsenal (Skripp) Esports
23:15Soccer Gremio v Independiente del Valle
23:15Soccer Atletico Fenix Montevideo v Torque
23:20Soccer Carlo (TGK) Esports v FC Mops (FCM) Esports
23:30Soccer Tottenham (Skripp) Esports v Man Utd (AlBack) Esports
23:30Soccer Chelsea (Vito) Esports v Man City (Indra13_27) Esports
23:44Soccer Chelsea (Vito) Esports v Man Utd (AlBack) Esports
23:44Soccer Liverpool (Kara) Esports v Man City (Indra13_27) Esports
23:45Soccer ICE (RMF) Esports v Carlo (TGK) Esports
23:58Soccer Liverpool (Kara) Esports v Chelsea (Vito) Esports
23:58Soccer Man City (Indra13_27) Esports v Tottenham (Skripp) Esports
Thu, 15. April 2021
Start timeSportEvent Details
0:00Soccer Cesar Vallejo v Carlos Mannucci
0:10Soccer FC Mops (FCM) Esports v Sakh (FCS) Esports
0:12Soccer Liverpool (Kara) Esports v Man Utd (AlBack) Esports
0:12Soccer Tottenham (Skripp) Esports v Chelsea (Vito) Esports
0:26Soccer Man City (Indra13_27) Esports v Man Utd (AlBack) Esports
0:26Soccer Tottenham (Skripp) Esports v Liverpool (Kara) Esports
0:35Soccer Carlo (TGK) Esports v GremlinS (ZSK) Esports
0:40Soccer Man Utd (AlBack) Esports v Tottenham (Skripp) Esports
0:40Soccer Man City (Indra13_27) Esports v Chelsea (Vito) Esports
0:54Soccer Man Utd (AlBack) Esports v Chelsea (Vito) Esports
0:54Soccer Man City (Indra13_27) Esports v Liverpool (Kara) Esports
1:00Soccer Philadelphia Union v Deportivo Saprissa
1:00Soccer Club America v CD Olimpia
1:00Soccer Sakh (FCS) Esports v ICE (RMF) Esports
1:08Soccer Chelsea (Vito) Esports v Liverpool (Kara) Esports
1:08Soccer Tottenham (Skripp) Esports v Man City (Indra13_27) Esports
1:10Soccer San Martin de San Juan v Racing Club
1:22Soccer Man Utd (AlBack) Esports v Liverpool (Kara) Esports
1:22Soccer Chelsea (Vito) Esports v Tottenham (Skripp) Esports
1:25Soccer ICE (RMF) Esports v FC Mops (FCM) Esports
1:30Soccer America RN v Cruzeiro
1:30Soccer Palmeiras v Defensa y Justicia
1:30Soccer Atletico Nacional Medellin v Libertad Asuncion
1:36Soccer Man Utd (AlBack) Esports v Man City (Indra13_27) Esports
1:36Soccer Liverpool (Kara) Esports v Tottenham (Skripp) Esports
1:50Soccer GremlinS (ZSK) Esports v Sakh (FCS) Esports
2:00Soccer Atalanta (Skripp) Esports v Napoli (AlBack) Esports
2:00Soccer AC Milan (ViTo) Esports v Lazio (Indra13_27) Esports
2:14Soccer AC Milan (ViTo) Esports v Napoli (AlBack) Esports
2:14Soccer Inter Milan (Kara) Esports v Lazio (Indra13_27) Esports
2:28Soccer Inter Milan (Kara) Esports v AC Milan (ViTo) Esports
2:28Soccer Lazio (Indra13_27) Esports v Atalanta (Skripp) Esports
2:42Soccer Inter Milan (Kara) Esports v Napoli (AlBack) Esports
2:42Soccer Atalanta (Skripp) Esports v AC Milan (ViTo) Esports
2:56Soccer Lazio (Indra13_27) Esports v Napoli (AlBack) Esports
2:56Soccer Atalanta (Skripp) Esports v Inter Milan (Kara) Esports
3:00Soccer Juarez FC v Tigres UANL
3:10Soccer Napoli (AlBack) Esports v Atalanta (Skripp) Esports
3:10Soccer Lazio (Indra13_27) Esports v AC Milan (ViTo) Esports
3:24Soccer Napoli (AlBack) Esports v AC Milan (ViTo) Esports
3:24Soccer Lazio (Indra13_27) Esports v Inter Milan (Kara) Esports
3:38Soccer AC Milan (ViTo) Esports v Inter Milan (Kara) Esports
3:38Soccer Atalanta (Skripp) Esports v Lazio (Indra13_27) Esports
3:52Soccer Napoli (AlBack) Esports v Inter Milan (Kara) Esports
3:52Soccer AC Milan (ViTo) Esports v Atalanta (Skripp) Esports
4:06Soccer Napoli (AlBack) Esports v Lazio (Indra13_27) Esports
4:06Soccer Inter Milan (Kara) Esports v Atalanta (Skripp) Esports
11:30Soccer Boluspor v Umraniyespor
12:15Soccer FK Kokand 1912 v Metalourg Bekabad
13:30Soccer SK Prostejov v Vysocina Jihlava
14:00Soccer Ankaraspor v Altay
14:20Soccer Nasaf Qarshi v Termez Surkhon
15:30Soccer Sonderjyske v Midtjylland
17:00Soccer Bursaspor v Bandirmaspor
17:00Soccer Alianza Atletico v Ayacucho FC
17:00Soccer CFR Cluj v FCSB
18:00Soccer Randers FC v AGF Aarhus
20:30Soccer Guayaquil SC v El Nacional
21:30Soccer CD Universidad San Martin v Universitario de Deportes
23:00Soccer Flamengo v Vasco da Gama
23:00Soccer Deportivo Tachira v CD Hermanos Colmenares
23:00Soccer Cumbaya FC v America de Quito
Fri, 16. April 2021
Start timeSportEvent Details
0:00Soccer UTC Cajamarca v FBC Melgar
1:00Soccer Columbus Crew v Real Esteli
1:10Soccer CA Alvarado v Temperley
1:10Soccer Monagas v Mineros
1:30Soccer Junior v Bolivar
3:00Soccer Monterrey v Atletico Pantoja
10:05Soccer Western Sydney Wanderers v Brisbane Roar
10:30Soccer Redlands United v Brisbane Strikers
10:30Soccer Melbourne Knights v Altona Magic
10:45Soccer Port Melbourne SC v Avondale
11:00Soccer Consadole Sapporo v Yokohama F-Marinos
11:15Soccer Bentleigh Greens v Oakleigh Cannons
11:30Soccer Dandenong City v Green Gully
11:45Soccer Metrostars v Cumberland United
11:45Soccer Adelaide University Women v Salisbury Inter Women
13:30Soccer Tampines Rovers FC v Geylang International
14:00Soccer Genclerbirligi v Sivasspor
14:00Soccer Konyaspor v Kayserispor
15:00Soccer NK Varazdin v HNK Sibenik
16:00Soccer FK Sputnik v Isloch
17:00Soccer Viborg v Esbjerg
17:00Soccer Besiktas v Ankaragucu
17:00Soccer Antalyaspor v Caykur Rizespor
17:00Soccer Bohemians 1905 v Banik Ostrava
17:00Soccer Podbeskidzie Bielsko Biala v Pogon Szczecin
17:00Soccer Detroit City FC v Stumptown Athletic FC
17:05Soccer HNK Gorica v Slaven Belupo
17:30Soccer Darmstadt v Greuther Furth
17:30Soccer Eintracht Braunschweig v Paderborn
17:30Soccer Austria Lustenau v SV Kapfenberg
17:45Soccer Waterford FC v Bohemians Dublin
18:00Soccer Aarau v FC Chiasso
18:00Soccer FC Trollhättan v Ljungskile SK
18:00Soccer Vejle v AaB
18:00Soccer Skive v Kolding IF
18:00Soccer Fuenlabrada v Sabadell
18:45Soccer Boavista v Pacos Ferreira
18:45Soccer FC Vitebsk v FC Slutsk
19:00Soccer Club Brugge II v Union Saint Gilloise
19:00Soccer Cambuur Leeuwarden v Helmond Sport
19:00Soccer FC Dordrecht v FC Den Bosch
19:00Soccer FC Thun v Neuchatel Xamax
19:00Soccer Winterthur v Stade Lausanne-Ouchy
19:25Soccer SV Lafnitz v FC Dornbirn 1913
19:30Soccer RB Leipzig v TSG Hoffenheim
19:30Soccer Hajduk Split v NK Osijek
19:30Soccer CA Talleres de Córdoba v Union Santa Fe
19:30Soccer Gornik Zabrze v Slask Wroclaw
19:45Soccer Derry City v Drogheda United
20:00Soccer Lille v Montpellier
20:00Soccer Girona v Real Zaragoza
20:00Soccer UD Logrones v Rayo Vallecano
20:00Soccer Spal v Ascoli
20:00Soccer Real Santa Cruz v Real Potosi
21:00Soccer SC Farense v Sporting
21:00Soccer Atlético Venezuela v Metropolitanos FC
22:00Soccer Maryland Bobcats FC v San Diego 1904 FC
23:00Soccer CA Aldosivi v Rosario Central
Sat, 17. April 2021
Start timeSportEvent Details
0:30Soccer Nacional Potosi v Royal Pari FC
1:00Soccer Houston Dynamo v San Jose Earthquakes
1:15Soccer Central Cordoba SdE v River Plate
1:30Soccer Necaxa v Queretaro
2:30Soccer Seattle Sounders FC v Minnesota United
3:30Soccer Mazatlan FC v Atlas
5:00Soccer Adelaide United NPL v Croydon Kings
5:00Soccer Blaublitz Akita v Montedio Yamagata
5:30Soccer Adamstown Rosebud v Valentine Phoenix
6:00Soccer Eastern Lions v Heidelberg Utd
6:00Soccer Calder Utd SC Women v South Melbourne Women
6:00Soccer Box Hill Women v Heidelberg United Women
6:00Soccer Canberra Olympic v Belconnen United
6:00Soccer Yokohama FC v Vegalta Sendai
6:00Soccer Tokushima Vortis v Kashima Antlers
6:00Soccer Avispa Fukuoka v FC Tokyo
6:00Soccer Oita v Kashiwa Reysol
6:00Soccer Omiya Ardija v Ehime FC
6:00Soccer JEF Utd Chiba v Tochigi SC
6:00Soccer Matsumoto Y FC v Ventforet Kofu
6:00Soccer Albirex Niigata v Zweigen Kanazawa
6:00Soccer Kyoto Sanga FC v Giravanz Kitakyushu
6:00Soccer Renofa Yamaguchi v Thespa Kusatsu
6:00Soccer V-Varen Nagasaki v Machida Zelvia
6:15Soccer Bayside Utd Women v Alamein FC Women
6:30Soccer Sutherland Sharks v Rockdale Ilinden FC
6:30Soccer Adelaide Raiders v Adelaide Comets
6:30Soccer Sturt Lions v Campbelltown City
7:00Soccer Shonan Bellmare v Vissel Kobe
7:15Soccer Logan Lightning v Gold Coast Knights
8:00Soccer Armadale v Balcatta
8:00Soccer South Melbourne v St Albans Saints
8:00Soccer Gwelup Croatia SC v Perth Glory NPL
8:00Soccer Cockburn City v Perth SC
8:00Soccer ECU Joondalup v Rockingham City FC
8:00Soccer Bayswater City v Floreat Athena
8:00Soccer Inglewood United v Sorrento FC
8:00Soccer Edgeworth Eagles v Newcastle Olympic FC
8:00Soccer Fagiano Okayama v Mito Hollyhock
8:05Soccer Western United FC v Central Coast Mariners
8:30Soccer Adelaide City v Adelaide Blue Eagles
8:30Soccer Monaro Panthers v West Canberra Wanderers FC
9:00Soccer Moreton Bay United v Eastern Suburbs
9:00Soccer FC Ryukyu v Tokyo Verdy
9:30Soccer Gold Coast United v Lions FC
9:30Soccer Adelaide Olympic v South Adelaide
10:00Soccer Dandenong Thunder v Hume City
10:00Soccer Mt Druitt Town Rangers v Sydney United 58
10:10Soccer Melbourne City v Melbourne Victory
10:30Soccer Magpies Crusaders v Peninsula Power
11:30Soccer Denizlispor v Erzurum BB
12:00Soccer Angers v Rennes
12:00Soccer FC Akhmat Grozny v FK Khimki
12:00Soccer Tvååkers IF v Qviding FIF
12:00Soccer St Pauli v Wurzburger Kickers
12:00Soccer Nurnberg v Holstein Kiel
12:00Soccer AFC Eskilstuna v Akropolis IF
12:00Soccer Torpedo Zhodino v Dinamo Brest
12:15Soccer HB Køge v Silkeborg IF
12:30Soccer Halifax v Kings Lynn Town
12:45Soccer Belenenses v Maritimo
13:00Soccer Vendsyssel FF v Hvidovre IF
13:00Soccer Lugo v Alcorcon
13:00Soccer Empoli v Brescia
13:00Soccer Pisa v Cosenza
13:00Soccer Monza v Cremonese
13:00Soccer Vicenza v Lecce
13:00Soccer Reggina v AC Reggiana 1919
13:00Soccer Salernitana v Venezia
13:00Soccer Pescara v Virtus Entella
13:00Soccer Mlada Boleslav v Opava
13:00Soccer OFI Crete v Atromitos Athinon
13:30Soccer FK Austria Vienna II v FC Wacker Innsbruck
13:30Soccer SKU Amstetten v FC Liefering
13:30Soccer FC Juniors OO v Floridsdorfer AC
13:30Soccer FC Blau Weiss Linz v Vorwarts Steyr
13:30Soccer Hougang United FC v Young Lions
13:30Soccer Tanjong Pagar United v Albirex Niigata Singapore
14:00Soccer Crotone v Udinese
14:00Soccer Sampdoria v Verona
14:00Soccer Fremad Amager v Hobro IK
14:00Soccer Cittadella v Chievo
14:00Soccer Clermont Foot v Le Havre
14:00Soccer Troyes v Caen
14:00Soccer Trabzonspor v Hatayspor
14:00Soccer Yeni Malatyaspor v Alanyaspor
14:00Soccer Keciorengucu v Tuzlaspor
14:00Soccer Hammarby v Mjällby AIF
14:00Soccer GAIS v Västerås SK FK
14:00Soccer IK Brage v Falkenbergs FF
14:00Soccer Neman Grodno v FC Minsk
14:00Soccer Lechia Gdansk v Piast Gliwice
14:30Soccer Borussia M'gladbach v Eintracht Frankfurt
14:30Soccer Wolfsburg v Bayern Munich
14:30Soccer SC Freiburg v Schalke
14:30Soccer FC Union Berlin v VfB Stuttgart
14:30Soccer Augsburg v Arminia Bielefeld
14:30Soccer Lokomotiv Moscow v Rostov
14:30Soccer Rotor Volgograd v Dinamo Moscow
15:00Soccer Seraing United v Lierse Kempenzonen
15:00Soccer CD Castellon v Mallorca
15:00Soccer Sigma Olomouc v FK Teplice
15:00Soccer MFK Karvina v Ceske Budejovice
15:00Soccer Alloa v Raith
15:00Soccer Arbroath v Ayr
15:00Soccer Dunfermline v Queen of South
15:15Soccer Panetolikos v Apollon Smyrnis
15:30Soccer Guimaraes v Santa Clara
15:30Soccer Moreirense v Tondela
16:00Soccer Marseille v Lorient
16:00Soccer St Polten v FK Austria Vienna
16:00Soccer SV Ried v SCR Altach
16:00Soccer FC Flyeralarm Admira v Hartberg
16:00Soccer Vasalunds IF v Trelleborgs FF
16:00Soccer BATE Borisov v Energetik-BGU Minsk
16:30Soccer Rakow Czestochowa v Lech Poznan
17:00Soccer Sassuolo v Fiorentina
17:00Soccer Krasnodar v Zenit St Petersburg
17:00Soccer Pordenone v Frosinone
17:00Soccer Goztepe v Galatasaray
17:00Soccer Adana Demirspor v Giresunspor
17:15Soccer FC Sion v FC Zurich
17:15Soccer Grasshoppers v Wil 1900
17:15Soccer Kriens v FC Schaffhausen
17:15Soccer Las Palmas v Malaga
17:15Soccer Sporting Gijon v Oviedo
17:30Soccer Chelsea v Man City
17:30Soccer Bayer Leverkusen v Cologne
17:30Soccer Viktoria Plzen v FK Jablonec
17:30Soccer Volos NFC v Giannina
18:00Soccer Benfica v Gil Vicente
18:00Soccer Nacional v FC Porto
18:00Soccer Shakhter Soligorsk v Slavia Mozyr
18:00Soccer Newell's v Patronato Parana
18:00Soccer Sarmiento v Lanus
18:05Soccer HNK Rijeka v NK Lokomotiva Zagreb
19:00Soccer RWD Molenbeek v Lommel
19:00Soccer AC Ajaccio v Niort
19:00Soccer Auxerre v Nancy
19:00Soccer Chambly Thelle FC v Amiens
19:00Soccer Dunkerque v Grenoble
19:00Soccer Rodez v Paris FC
19:00Soccer Sochaux v Pau
19:00Soccer Toulouse v Chateauroux
19:00Soccer Valenciennes v Guingamp
19:00Soccer Wisla Krakow v Warta Poznan
19:00Soccer CF Montreal v Toronto FC
19:30Soccer St Gallen v Lucerne
19:45Soccer Cagliari v Parma
19:45Soccer Antwerp v Genk
20:00Soccer Norwich v Bournemouth
20:00Soccer Orlando City SC v Atlanta United
20:00Soccer Oriente Petrolero v Always Ready
20:00Soccer Fortaleza v CSA
20:00Soccer Bahia v CRB
20:15Soccer Velez Sarsfield v Huracan
20:30Soccer Athletic Bilbao v Barcelona
20:30Soccer Rio Ave v Braga
22:15Soccer The Strongest v Atletico Palmaflor Vinto
22:30Soccer San Lorenzo v Argentinos Jrs
22:30Soccer Vitoria EC v AE Altos
23:00Soccer Atletico San Luis v Puebla
23:00Soccer Los Angeles FC v Austin FC
Sun, 18. April 2021
Start timeSportEvent Details
0:30Soccer Independiente Petrolero v Jorge Wilstermann
1:00Soccer Boca Juniors v Atlético Tucumán
1:00Soccer Chivas Guadalajara v Tijuana
1:00Soccer FC Dallas v Colorado Rapids
1:00Soccer New York Red Bulls v Sporting Kansas City
1:00Soccer DC United v New York City FC
1:30Soccer Nashville SC v FC Cincinnati
1:30Soccer Chicago Fire v New England Revolution
3:05Soccer Club America v Cruz Azul
5:00Soccer Sagamihara v Jubilo Iwata
5:30Soccer Wollongong Wolves v Blacktown City
5:30Soccer Broadmeadow Magic v Weston Workers FC
6:00Soccer Gungahlin Utd v Cooma Tigers
6:00Soccer Canberra Croatia FC v Tuggeranong Utd
6:00Soccer Kawasaki Frontale v Sanfrecce Hiroshima
7:00Soccer Nagoya Grampus v Sagan Tosu
7:00Soccer Cerezo Osaka v Urawa Red Diamonds
7:05Soccer Sydney FC v Adelaide United
7:30Soccer Maitland FC v Charlestown Azzurri
9:00Soccer Brisbane Olympic FC v Sunshine Coast Wanderers
9:00Soccer Gamba Osaka v Shimizu S-Pulse
9:10Soccer Macarthur FC v Newcastle Jets
9:15Soccer Brisbane Roar NPL v Capalaba Bulldogs
9:15Soccer Viktoria Zizkov v FK Usti nad Labem
9:30Soccer Austria Klagenfurt v Grazer AK
9:30Soccer Sydney FC NPL v Apia L Tigers
10:00Soccer Ural v Rubin Kazan
10:30Soccer Rapid Vienna II v ASV Hornstein
11:15Soccer Perth Glory v Wellington Phoenix
11:30Soccer AC Milan v Genoa
11:30Soccer Eskisehirspor v Balikesirspor
11:30Soccer Stal Mielec v Zaglebie Lubin
12:00Soccer Arsenal Tula v FK Tambov
12:00Soccer PSG v St Etienne
12:00Soccer Osters IF v Landskrona BoIS
12:00Soccer Dinamo Minsk v FK Gomel
12:30Soccer Bochum v Hannover 96
12:30Soccer Jahn Regensburg v Heidenheim
12:30Soccer VfL Osnabruck v Fortuna Dusseldorf
13:00Soccer Osasuna v Elche
13:00Soccer Real Sociedad v Sevilla
13:00Soccer AC Horsens v Lyngby
13:00Soccer Odense BK v Sonderjyske
13:00Soccer FC Fredericia v FC Helsingor
13:00Soccer Albacete v Mirandes
13:00Soccer FC Fastav Zlín v FK Pribram
13:00Soccer FC Brno v Pardubice
13:00Soccer Panathinaikos v Aris Salonika
13:30Soccer FC Salzburg v LASK Linz
13:30Soccer Wolfsberger AC v WSG Swarovski Tirol
13:30Soccer Lion City Sailors FC v Balestier Khalsa FC
14:00Soccer Lazio v Benevento
14:00Soccer Atalanta v Juventus
14:00Soccer Bologna v Spezia
14:00Soccer Brest v Lens
14:00Soccer Dijon v Nice
14:00Soccer Nimes v Strasbourg
14:00Soccer Reims v Metz
14:00Soccer Gaziantep FK v Kasimpasa
14:00Soccer Akhisar Belediye v Altinordu
14:00Soccer BK Hacken v Malmo FF
14:00Soccer Degerfors v Kalmar FF
14:00Soccer Ostersunds FK v Orebro SK
14:00Soccer IFK Varnamo v GIF Sundsvall
14:00Soccer FK Ruh Brest v FC Smorgon
14:00Soccer Wisla Plock v Jagiellonia Bialystok
14:30Soccer Borussia Dortmund v Werder Bremen
14:30Soccer PFC Sochi v CSKA Moscow
15:00Soccer Famalicao v Portimonense
15:00Soccer Basel v Servette
15:00Soccer Lausanne Sports v FC Vaduz
15:00Soccer Young Boys v Lugano
15:00Soccer FC Copenhagen v FC Nordsjaelland
15:00Soccer Slovan Liberec v Slavia Prague
15:15Soccer CD Alaves v Huesca
15:15Soccer Atletico Madrid v Eibar
15:15Soccer AEK Athens v Asteras Tripolis
16:00Soccer Bordeaux v Monaco
16:00Soccer Rapid Vienna v SK Sturm Graz
16:30Soccer Djurgarden v IFK Norrkoping
16:30Soccer Sirius v Halmstad
16:30Soccer Legia Warsaw v Cracovia Krakow
17:00Soccer Ajax v Vitesse
17:00Soccer Mainz v Hertha Berlin
17:00Soccer Torino v Roma
17:00Soccer Club Brugge v Royal Excel Mouscron
17:00Soccer Standard Liege v KFCO Beerschot Wilrijk
17:00Soccer KV Oostende v Cercle Brugge
17:00Soccer Zulte-Waregem v Gent
17:00Soccer KV Kortrijk v KV Mechelen
17:00Soccer Sint-Truidense v Anderlecht
17:00Soccer OH Leuven v Waasland-Beveren
17:00Soccer Spartak Moscow v FC Ufa
17:00Soccer Brondby v AGF Aarhus
17:00Soccer Istanbul Basaksehir v Fenerbahce
17:00Soccer Istanbulspor v Menemenspor
17:15Soccer FC Cartagena v Tenerife
17:30Soccer Real Betis v Valencia
17:30Soccer Cadiz v Celta Vigo
17:30Soccer Sparta Prague v Slovacko
17:30Soccer PAOK Salonika v Olympiakos
18:00Soccer Colon v Godoy Cruz
18:00Soccer Unam Pumas v Tigres UANL
18:05Soccer Dinamo Zagreb v Istra 1961
18:30Soccer Leicester v Southampton
19:45Soccer Napoli v Inter Milan
20:00Soccer Nantes v Lyon
20:00Soccer Getafe v Real Madrid
20:00Soccer Levante v Villarreal
20:00Soccer Inter Miami CF v LA Galaxy
20:00Soccer Real Tomayapo v Blooming
20:00Soccer Ceara v Sampaio Correa
20:15Soccer Estudiantes LP v Gimnasia LP
22:15Soccer Club Aurora v Bolivar
22:30Soccer Arsenal de Sarandi v Racing Club
22:30Soccer Columbus Crew v Philadelphia Union
Mon, 19. April 2021
Start timeSportEvent Details
0:30Soccer San Jose v Guabira
1:00Soccer CA Independiente v Defensa y Justicia
1:00Soccer Santos Laguna v Toluca
3:00Soccer Vancouver Whitecaps v Portland Timbers
3:06Soccer Monterrey v Pachuca
11:30Soccer Umraniyespor v Ankaraspor
14:00Soccer Altay v Adanaspor
14:00Soccer Bandirmaspor v Boluspor
17:00Soccer Samsunspor v Bursaspor
17:30Soccer Lamia v Larissa
18:00Soccer IFK Haninge v Taby FK
18:00Soccer Randers FC v FC Midtjylland
18:00Soccer Leganes v Ponferradina
18:00Soccer IFK Goteborg v AIK
18:00Soccer Varbergs BoIS FC v Elfsborg
18:00Soccer Norrby IF v Jonkopings Sodra
19:00Soccer Deinze v Westerlo
19:00Soccer Winterthur v FC Thun
20:00Soccer Almeria v Espanyol
Tue, 20. April 2021
Start timeSportEvent Details
1:15Soccer Banfield v CA Platense
3:00Soccer Leon v Juarez FC
14:00Soccer Banik Ostrava v Mlada Boleslav
14:00Soccer Ceske Budejovice v Sigma Olomouc
16:00Soccer HNK Sibenik v HNK Gorica
16:00Soccer FK Jablonec v MFK Karvina
17:00Soccer Warta Poznan v Rakow Czestochowa
17:00Soccer Pogon Szczecin v Gornik Zabrze
17:30Soccer Hartberg v St Polten
17:30Soccer SCR Altach v FC Flyeralarm Admira
18:00Soccer Norwich v Watford
18:00Soccer Venezia v Chievo
18:00Soccer Lecce v Cittadella
18:00Soccer Virtus Entella v Vicenza
18:00Soccer Cosenza v Pescara
18:00Soccer AC Reggiana 1919 v Pordenone
18:00Soccer Cremonese v Reggina
18:00Soccer Brescia v Spal
18:00Soccer FC Chiasso v Grasshoppers
18:00Soccer Neuchatel Xamax v Kriens
18:05Soccer Slaven Belupo v Hajduk Split
19:00Soccer Inverness CT v Dundee
19:00Soccer Morton v Hearts
19:00Soccer Stade Lausanne-Ouchy v FC Schaffhausen
19:00Soccer Wil 1900 v Aarau
19:30Soccer Lech Poznan v Lechia Gdansk
19:30Soccer Slask Wroclaw v Podbeskidzie Bielsko Biala
19:45Soccer Bohemians Dublin v Sligo Rovers
19:45Soccer Verona v Fiorentina
Wed, 21. April 2021
Start timeSportEvent Details
14:00Soccer Opava v Slovan Liberec
14:00Soccer Slovacko v FC Brno
14:00Soccer FK Teplice v FK Viktoria Plzen
14:00Soccer FK Pribram v Bohemians 1905
15:00Soccer NK Lokomotiva Zagreb v NK Varazdin
16:00Soccer Pardubice v Sparta Prague
16:00Soccer Lyngby v Sonderjyske
17:00Soccer Jagiellonia Bialystok v Stal Mielec
17:00Soccer Zaglebie Lubin v Wisla Krakow
17:05Soccer Istra 1961 v HNK Rijeka
17:30Soccer AC Milan v Sassuolo
18:00Soccer Levante v Sevilla
18:00Soccer Osasuna v Valencia
18:00Soccer AaB v Odense BK
18:30Soccer Slavia Prague v FC Fastav Zlín
19:00Soccer Real Betis v Athletic Bilbao
19:30Soccer NK Osijek v Dinamo Zagreb
19:30Soccer Cracovia Krakow v Wisla Plock
19:30Soccer Piast Gliwice v Legia Warsaw
19:45Soccer Aberdeen v Celtic
19:45Soccer St Johnstone v Rangers
19:45Soccer Kilmarnock v Dundee Utd
19:45Soccer Ross County v St Mirren
19:45Soccer Genoa v Benevento
19:45Soccer Udinese v Cagliari
19:45Soccer Spezia v Inter Milan
19:45Soccer Juventus v Parma
19:45Soccer Crotone v Sampdoria
19:45Soccer Bologna v Torino
20:00Soccer CD Alaves v Villarreal
20:00Soccer Elche v Valladolid
20:00Soccer FC Nordsjaelland v Brondby
Thu, 22. April 2021
Start timeSportEvent Details
16:00Soccer Vejle v AC Horsens
17:30Soccer Roma v Atalanta
18:05Soccer AGF Aarhus v Randers FC
19:45Soccer Napoli v Lazio
20:00Soccer FC Midtjylland v FC Copenhagen
Fri, 23. April 2021
Start timeSportEvent Details
19:00Soccer Willem II v RKC
Sat, 24. April 2021
Start timeSportEvent Details
15:30Soccer Heerenveen v PEC Zwolle


Keep reading to learn more about this brand. The FAQ section goes into details that many people are interested in.

Where to find bet365 Bonus Terms and Conditions?

You can find bet365 bonus terms and conditions under every offer available on the operator’s official website. These T&Cs are a crucial part of every offer since you aren’t eligible to make a withdrawal without meeting them.

Therefore, we strongly recommend you read them carefully before you decide to claim a certain offer. In our opinion, all the T&Cs of the operator’s offers are pretty reasonable and they can’t have a negative impact on your betting experience.

How to define bet365 bonus code T&Cs?

bet365 bonus code T&Cs can be defined as special terms and conditions that you can find under a bonus code offer. Besides the fact that you need to complete these requirements, you also need to provide the bonus code to qualify for the given promotion. Make sure to enter it correctly and that the bonus code you have is valid.

What bet365 Bet Builder does?

Just like the name suggests, the bet365 Bet Builder lets you create unique bets. It is a pretty exciting option, especially if you take into account the number of betting markets you can choose from. To build your wager, you should head to the bet365 Bet Builder tab.

Click on your selection as if you want to place a single bet. You can add more selections, up to 6 in fact, if you wish. The operator automatically calculates the odds. If you are satisfied with the offered price, enter your stake, and hit confirm.

Can I use the bet365 app?

You can download and install the bet365 app with just a few clicks. If bet365 app Android is what you are looking for, then visit the Google Play Store. On the other hand, the iOS version of the app is available in the App Store.

Once you have downloaded and installed the application on your smartphone or tablet, log in to your account or open a new one if you already haven’t. Don’t forget that the operator usually offers various types of welcome offers for new users.

What’s the point of bet365 Voice Search?

bet365 Voice Search is one of the latest innovations introduced on the operator’s sports betting platform. Within just a few seconds, you can find what you need. Just click the microphone icon and say the sport, betting market, or service you are looking for.

Manage Your Account

To help you decide what bets you want to place, bet365 puts plenty of helpful information at your fingertips. Whether you want to read up on the football news or check out the form of a horse you think might be worth a bet, you’ll find what you need quickly and easily.

You can manage your account through the app too, so you’ll never be left fuming at an opportunity you’ve missed because you couldn’t get to a computer to make a deposit. If you can’t remember whether you actually did place that vital bet, then just look in your account history to make sure.

Contact Bet365

In the unlikely event that users do experience any issues with the app, or any other part of bet365’s service, then there is a dedicated customer-service team who are both willing and able to help you. They’re easy to reach online or by phone. If you’re more of a writer, you can email them and they will get back to you soon, as they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also chat with them. You can also send them mail, if you feel like that’s a better idea.

Overall Review -4/5

Users who’ve already spent some time on the bet365 website will find themselves using the app without a second thought. Anyone new to bet365 will feel like a seasoned gambling pro in no time as the bet365 mobile betting, like the bet365 website, is designed to be completely intuitive to use.

You just log in using your details from the website (or create a new account) and follow clear and logical paths to find whatever it is you want, whether you’re looking to place a bet, check your account history, make a deposit or withdrawal or anything else.

Just as importantly, the app is designed to be easy to use onsmartphones and tablets.So, for example, the buttons and links are all large enough and clear enough that you can easily see what you’re doing even if you prefer to use a smartphone with a smaller screen.

Anyone familiar with bet365 will know that they pride themselves on the fact that their customer care is second to none. They want to make their customers happy and they know what to do to make that happen. For example, people who use the bet365 mobile betting app can expect to get plenty of bonus codes.Obviously there’s a bonus for new users, but bet365 believes in rewarding its regular players too, so expect your bankroll to get regular boosts with bonus codes to suit you.

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