An Illustrated Guide to Soccer & Spanish

An Illustrated Guide to Soccer and SpanishPitch Invasion Press is proud to add its second title to the Pitch Invasion ebookstore, An Illustrated Guide to Soccer & Spanish by Elliott Turner.

The execution of this marvelous concept to teach a little bit of Spanish through a little bit of soccer is as good as the idea, with a series of charming illustrations by Erik Ebeling making it a breezy, informative and enjoyable read. Seriously.

Check out the sample graphics on the PI ebookstore, and consider plonking down $5.99 for it (available worldwide, so whatever that translates to into your non-American currency).

And of course, you may want to take a gander at the brand new Very Best of Pitch Invasion book on the PI store too, also $5.99, or $11.99 in real, live print at Amazon.

We do appreciate any and all support for the PI books, whether you can buy a copy or just spread the word – it will help keep going all we’ve done for the past few years, and with a marketing budget of $0 and capital investment of $0, grassroots help is all we have. The PI book has gotten off to a good start, so thanks to you all!