PI on Tumblr

Psst, you might have noticed we’ve scaled Pitch Invasion down to periodic lengthy essays and photo features. We’re happier this way, without feeling we need to post every day and with more focus on crafting quality posts (hopefully!).

But we still find interesting stuff elsewhere every day. So we’ve revived the old PI Tumblr, for quick links to stories of interest along with photos and videos – hopefully ones you won’t be finding all over your other timelines.

Check it out at http://1863.pitchinvasion.net/

Today, for example, we looked briefly at North America’s first Supporters’ Trust, Valencia’s new stadium project’s revival, the rebirth of South Melbourne FC and an American soccer treasure trove.

Let us know what you think, and if you have a Tumblr, please leave a comment to this post so we can give it a follow. Cheers!

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