Front Page: A German Fairy Tale

Der Tagesspiegel looks ahead to the completion of Ein Märchen (a fairy tale) at the World Cup for Germany. Bild, meanwhile, just goes nuts. Can anyone translate their headline for us?

Der Tagesspiegel, published in Berlin, Germany. 7 July 2010.

Der Tagesspiegel, Germany, World Cup, South Africa, Fairy taleBILD, published in Berlin, Germany. 7 July 2010.

Bild, Germany, World Cup, Newspaper, Bild


5 thoughts on “Front Page: A German Fairy Tale

  1. Tom Dunmore Post author

    Thanks Henrik. I wonder how, in Germany, the acceptance of Germany elsewhere as a team to be admired for their skill and style is playing out — despite all the country’s past success, does this worldwide thumbs-up mean something extra-special?

  2. dirk franke

    oh yes, it does. Germans just want to be loved a little bit. And although Germany gets international respect sometimes in football (or economy, less often in style, humor or food), actual affection on an international stage is something that never ever happens. ’til now it seems.

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  4. doppelf

    The phrase Druecken die Daumen is akin to “cross your fingers”, but in this case (druecken *uns* die Daumen) means “rooting for us [Germany].”