The Sun Newspaper Fucks With The Wrong Blogger

Chris Taylor, an occasional contributor here and author of the sadly sporadic (sad because he’s a damn fine writer) unofficial FC United of Manchester blog It’ll Be Off, received one of the many emails sent out by the Sun newspaper in England recruiting bloggers to some kind of bizarre World Cup sweepstakes contest.

Since Chris hates the Sun with a passion — for good reason, since it’s a pile of steaming shit — he ignored the email. The Sun decided to ignore his ignoring and just use his blog as part of the sweepstakes anyway. I’ll let Chris explain:

So yeah. I got an email from The Sun. It basically said that I was to be involved in some sort of sweepstake, and that my blog would receive loads of coverage through The Sun’s website, and Facebook page. And how amazing would that be? The fella who sent me the email signed off by saying, “Let me know your thoughts! I know The Sun isn’t everyone’s cup of tea to say the least but hopefully this will be a bit of fun.” Which is one hell of an understatement.

I ignored this email, hoping that if I didn’t respond, I wouldn’t be involved in all this savage wankery. But sadly I am. My blog is now apparently Chile, and The Sun have publicised this site in a YouTube clip and on their website. I received another email from them yesterday asking for a little coverage of all this on my blog. So here you go:

I want to make it abundantly clear to everyone: I have nothing to do with this. I want nothing to do with this. And I am furious that the good(ish) name of my little blog, that ceased to be a concern some six months ago, is being used by the worst of all tabloids as some fucking publicity machine for their horrendous sweepstake generating iPhone app, and their even more horrendous newspaper. As I posted on Facebook when all this started, “Yeah, sure, I’ll be part of your World Cup blogging network.I’ll sign up the day you explain how it took 15 years to apologise for your Hillsborough coverage. The day you aren’t part of Murdoch’s News International empire. And the day you aren’t a bunch of odious, scare-mongering, right-wing cretins”.

And indeed, yep, here Chris’ blog is, listed as representing Chile (you can Google to find their actual page if you want, I’m not giving them any linkage help):

sun-world-cup-bloggerI’d be curious to know if all the other bloggers in there also gave their permission for their names and logos to be used. I’m kinda sad they didn’t use mine, as there’s surely something legally fishy about the Sun doing this crap.

Edit: So, just from the comments left here, we also know the following blogs names & logos were used by the Sun to promote this crap without their permission: It’ll Be Off; Unprofessional Foul; Sport Is A TV Show; Run of Play; the Onion Bag; Two Hundred Percent; The Ball Is Round; twofootedtackle; The Football Blog.

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