U.S.-England: Tabloid Nonsense Aside. . .

The diary will be quiet today, as your editor, an Englishman resident in Chicago, heads off to a bar to watch the game we’ve been obsessing over for six months (you mean both teams have at least two games in the World Cup after this one? What?)

If you’d like to see my outlandish prediction for the game, check out this ESPN Chicago article, which is bizarrely enough about me.

This morning, I enjoyed combing through hundreds of American newspapers today to see the breadth of coverage and interest the sport has gained here ahead of today’s game — New York Post nonsense aside:


Still, I thought the Sun’s effort at stoking rivalry was even weaker:


Well, whatever, I’m off to watch the game with some American friends who know more about the game than most people I’ve met in England do.  Enojy the game, everyone.

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