A Better Vision For Football

We meant to mention this earlier, but that whole World Cup thing got in the way.

Anyway, if you are in the UK and you’re the slightest bit interested in how football is run, we strongly suggest you consider attending the Supporters Direct Annual Conference this weekend — and yeah, you can watch the England-USA game on the big screen with them too:

Although online registration is now closed, if you do have a spare day and fancy spending it by the River Thames listening to Looking for Eric Director Ken Loach; hear about a brand new report on that lays new groundwork for community ownership; hear a proper a grown-up discussion about how we can deal with the problems in our game with some leading figures; plus England v USA on a big screen, then head over to A Better Vision for Football this Saturday from 11:00 at IET – Savoy Place.

Check it out for us and send us a report, would you?