Attendance Numbers in American Soccer Leagues

A lot of American soccer blogs do attendance numbers, but Kenn Tomasch does them better than most, covering the latest numbers in MLS, WPS, USSF-II, USL-2, W-League, and even PDL. Which I like, because it’s a reminder that there are dozens of clubs in American soccer, even if the Hudson Valley Quickstrike Lady Blues are drawing 350 a game or the Abbotsford Mariners are only attracting 150 people a match.

To summarise Kenn’s numbers by league, they break out as follows:

MLS: 16,320
USSF-II: 4,804
WPS: 4,076
USL-II: 1,757
PDL: 697
W-League: 350

One number that popped out to me: just a 1,366 average crowd for the newly-founded NSC Minnesota Stars, third from bottom numbers wise-in USSF-II?  I realise it’s not directly comparable, but that’s a huge drop from the Minnesota Thunder’s 3,209 average in USL-1 last year. I know we have a lot of passionate readers from Minnesota here, so I’m sure one of you will enlighten me as to what is going on….a cause for major concern, or are there some extraneous factors at work here?

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