Trying to find the good in is not easy

Ridge Mahoney at Soccer America has a piece up today that appears to be trying to find the good in the still relatively new and still pretty abysmal MLS website (particularly praising the timely video postings), but is really rather damning with faint praise as he concludes:

One of the reasons ironically, MLS committed millions of dollars to staff and produce its own site – previously, it relied on the same service that produces – was to heavily publicize and promote its product to fans that use the Internet, rather than reaching for other potential audiences through advertising, sponsorships, etc. Instead, it has alienated those fans that crave such information, and tainted the league as a Mickey Mouse operation to everybody else who might click through.

Before its launch, Commissioner Don Garber lauded the elements that would be available, and made special mention that the site would be “packed with video.” It got that part right, more or less, but just about everything else needs work, and two months after it blew up on the launch pad, repairs are still lagging behind.

Oh dear.