Don’t Miss Travels With Chuck Blazer

We’ve mentioned the travel blog by Chuck Blazer (the General Secretary of CONCACAF and a member of FIFA’s Executive Committee) previously, but it’s worth reminding you to check the link and bookmark it as we approach the World Cup, and, we can only presume, a full photo/video diary of Chuck’s VIP wanderings during the tournament to come.

It’s easy to poke fun at Chuck and his blog, with his unruly beard and what some might say are his chronicles of junkets round the world on the football fan’s collective dime. But on the other hand, where else are we going to see Chuck at a “special dining experience” at Eleven Madison Park, at the final US Sendoff game, during the CONCACAF Champions League summit and at pre-game dinner with Javier Aguirre, Mexico’s manager?

Chuck Blazer

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