2 thoughts on “Players by state

  1. swansuite

    I have no idea where you got those numbers, but Washington’s totally off. Perhaps you’re counting many of them as Calfornia, because that’s where they did college. There are 14 players currently in MLS, 7 of which are starters. Get it straight.

  2. Andrew

    swansuite; I’m certainly not trying to shortchange Washington–I grew up in Seattle myself. But the only players who I could identify as having spent their high school years in Washington State were:

    Chris Eylander; Joey Gjertsen; Tally Hall; George John; Kasey Keller; Craig Waibel; and Cam Weaver.

    As I note in the article, this is not about where players were born, or where they went to college–it is about where they spent adolescence. But if there are others I missed I’d be interested to know.

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