Little Noticed Club in Crisis: Caernarfon Town FC

Caernarfon Town FC

While the eyes of the English media have been firmly planted on Portsmouth’s collapse, and to a much less extent on Chester City (see yesterday’s post), a small Welsh club that has been around in one form or another since as far back as 1876 is facing its own battle for sheer survival.

Caernarfon Town FC have been suspended from the Huws Gray Cymru Alliance in Wales, and are facing extinction.

The only place reporting on this is the North Wales Daily Post, who tell us that:

A question mark now hangs over the entire future of Caernarfon Town Football Club, which was relegated from the Welsh Premier League last year, and is now mired in a similar battle for survival in the Huws Gray Cymru Alliance.

The club failed to pay the undisclosed fine amount by 3pm yesterday, a deadline set by the FAW.

This means today’s scheduled match against Llanfairpwll, on Anglesey will not now go ahead, leaving the club, which is currently languishing third from bottom, facing a likely three point deduction.

Up until Friday afternoon, club secretary Geraint Jones and the FAW in Cardiff were confident the fine would be paid but the deadline passed, and now manager Simon Sedgewick believes it is inevitable the club will fold.

Mr Sedgewick has confirmed to the Daily Post that he has already told his players they are now free to find other clubs.

A source close to the club told the Daily Post that players have not been paid for some weeks, adding that the short term future was “not looking good”.

Mr Sedgewick said: “I sent a text to the players to say they were free to find other clubs.

“It’s such as shame because Caernarfon is the biggest club in the Cymru Alliance and it’s ironic this has happened on the day that Portsmouth has gone into administration and Chester City have been thrown out of their league.

It seems that club Chairman George Denham has a lot of questions to answer; he could not be contacted by the Daily Post, and rather more alarmingly, has not spoken to manager Simone Sedgewick for over three weeks. Players haven’t been paid for over a month.

The sum of money Caernarfon owe is reportedly quite small, with Sedgewick suggesting it could have been found if  “only the chairman had sat down with the management and the players I am sure we could have worked something out,” and likening the club to “a passenger ship with no captain.”

We’ll follow-up and see what happens to Caernarfon, but it looks like it could be a long road back for the club.