Pitch Invasion Wins WSC Gold Award

Forgive us a moment of self-congratulation, as I received word today from across the pond back home in England that Pitch Invasion had won a Gold award in the When Saturday Comes Web Awards. The magazine’s selections are a who’s-who of some of the best football sites on the web, and it’s an honour to be chosen among them.

This award does mean something in particular to me, as I grew up reading When Saturday Comes, which has been Britain’s best national football magazine for a little over two decades now — it started off an independent fanzine at a time fans did not have a voice in the 1980s. When in the 1990s football become the fashionable big business it is now, WSC continued its independent minded coverage of the sport, unafraid to criticise the game’s greed and to probe the culture of the game with intelligence and humour.  It’s fair to say without WSC, this site would not exist.

Here’s the page from this month’s magazine with the awards. Every other site mentioned is worth visiting too, especially our friends at Two Hundred Percent, The Run of Play,  Transparency in Sport, Football Filter, European Football Weekends, The 100 Football Grounds Club and the Global Game. Click the image below to see the full article.


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