World Cup Draw Reaction: Anglo-American Delight

Everybody’s happy! In their own unique ways, that is.

Yanks A Lot!
US World Cup draw

One thing’s for sure: the England-USA game will be the most hyped and probably the most watched in American soccer history, particularly with a prime Saturday spot on ABC.

More reaction to the draw coming shortly.  Oh…and yes, as an Englishman resident in the United States for almost a decade, the mere thought of this fixture taking place requires some digesting.

7 thoughts on “World Cup Draw Reaction: Anglo-American Delight

  1. Brad

    Can you think of a better possible draw for either England or the US?? (well, I guess the US could have drawn South Africa instead of England, but that was only a 12.5% chance…) They drew the weakest possible teams from Pots 3 and 4, and they get to play each other in what figures to be the most anticipated US Men’s National team game in history.
    Can you imagine the scene at every single soccer bar in America come June 12th?? I think we’re literally going to have to reserve spots months in advance. I live in Richmond, VA and the most popular English soccer bar here (Penny Lane Pub for anyone in VA) was packed for England games at the 2006 WC — I can only imagine what it’ll be like for the England-US game next year.
    I’m really hoping this is the next step in raising the profile of the sport here in the US!

  2. Tom Dunmore Post author

    I already realised I’d have to sleep overnight at whichever soccer bar I end up watching it at to claim a spot. It’s an easy draw, relatively speaking, for both countries: though no team is heading to the World Cup with quite the momentum of Algeria, after that bitter battle with Egypt.

    Just starting to think on scenarios: If the US loses to England, that second game against Slovenia could essentially be a pressure-packed must-win; England might then be playing Slovenia in a dead rubber for the English in the final game. It’s often helpful to be playing the top seed last in the group.

  3. Brad

    Tom: do you know of any authoritative list of “real” soccer bars here in the US? I have friends all over the country who I can just see becoming soccer fans come June 12th (ha,ha) and it would be nice to have some type of resource I could point them to.
    I hear your point about Algeria’s current momentum, but I think it’ll dissipate over the next six months. I just can’t imagine come mid-June 2010 that they’ll still be looking at their 11/18/2009 win over Egypt as bringing them World Cup momentum.
    But clearly you are correct that the US would not have wished England for their opening match. Assuming a loss, it gives them basically zero margin for error over the last two matches.
    It’s easy to say Algeria and Slovenia are weak opponents now, but it’s a whole different story to go out on the field and get two wins against them, or one win and a draw.

  4. Tom Dunmore Post author

    I don’t know of a comprehensive, selective list — just the few I’ve been to around the country.

    I agree about the group, I think it’s a little tougher than the ‘dream’ draw talk on both sides of the Atlantic. There could well be a rude awakening coming for someone…

  5. Flynn

    Later in the day, the New York Times had a main-story headline titled “WC Draw: U.S. Wins, Brazil Loses”. Do you care to comment, Tom?

    Additionally, I am bracing myself for the inevitable “The Redcoats Are Coming!” advertisements. The U.S. already overuses “Don’t Tread On Me” as a soccer theme. I foresee a series of “1 if by land, 2 if by sea” themed TV spots before this game.