Best Soccer Blog?

Best Soccer Blog, 2009 Best of U.S. Soccer Awards

Modesty is for chumps, or something. It’s pretty cool that Pitch Invasion has been nominated for Best Soccer Blog in the 2009 Best of U.S. Soccer Awards run by the federation down the street from me in Chicago, so thank you to every reader who took the time to put us up for this. Although I don’t think Vegas pays attention to blog awards you can find the odds on almost anything else when you click here.

Voting is open now for the award. We, of course, do heartedly recommend many of the other blogs on the list for your vote: our news reader merrily picks up This Is American Soccer, Match Fit USA and Du Nord out of the blogs on the list (I do think there should be a separate category for newspaper and team driven professional efforts nominated, like Hillcrest Road and Soccer Insider, excellent as they are).

Just don’t forget the Chicago Way when it comes to voting.

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