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Readers and friends: I have never expected to make a living from this blog, but it has become a joy to write and edit over the past three years, taking up about 20 hours of my time per week. I’d like to be able to keep committing that much time, but it is getting increasingly hard to justify as I’m in grad school and I don’t have any other income to speak of.

Sob story aside, I’d like to ask that if you enjoy this blog and you’re able to spare a little, you’d consider supporting Pitch Invasion by purchasing one of our beautiful new scarves for just $25, which arrived today and will ship immediately (shipping is $5 in the U.S., $7 worldwide).

You can purchase via the link below through Paypal, using either your Paypal account OR any major credit card.

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Pitch Invasion Scarves


Scarf design

Thanks so much to the outstanding scarf company Soccer Supporters for their help getting the scarves made. If you’re interested in getting scarves made by them, please mention you found them via Pitch Invasion. And if you need any help with scarf design, we are always available.

Contact with any questions, and thanks for your support.

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