Tifo Video: Blue-White Fanatic Kop, Lausanne

BWFK Tifo display

Our tifo video series rolls across from Belgium to Switzerland, and we find ourselves in Lausanne, a small French-speaking city perhaps best known as the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee.

Swiss club FC Lausanne-Sport, founded in 1896 and successful for their first half-century, haven’t won the league championship for other forty years.

Their supporters’ group Blue-White Fanatic Kop (BWFK) take their name from Lausanne’s colours, and their English spelling and use of Kop is indicative of their formation in the 80s, when the influence of English support on the continent was considerable.

The group recently celebrated their twentieth anniversary, and decided to mark it with a pre-game display translating roughly as “united for twenty years”. It’s fairly spectacular, despite the rather noticeably empty stands.

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