Tifo Video: Glentoran’s Legion 1882

Glentoran's Legion 1882

Our new series on Pitch Invasion moves all the way from Australia to Northern Ireland, as we look at the growing ultras culture in the IFA Premiership.

Glentoran are the current champions of the league, and their supporters’ group Legion 1882 (which references the year the club was founded) was formed just two years ago.

The new group picked up the pieces from Forza Glentoran, a previously active group, and they quickly picked up a love for pyrotechnic displays, including smokebombs and flares.

Though still a relatively small group, Legion 1882 have picked up strength fast, and save their most intense moments for the passionate games against chief rivals Linfield, as you can see below in a display at Windsor Park from October 17th.

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