The Sweeper: Mr Chelsea Recommits, and Other News


I’m going to bring back the Sweeper for the next week, our occasionally lamented daily roundup of what’s worth reading on the internets about what I’m contractually obliged to call The Beautiful Game. Let me know over the course of the week if this is something you’d like to see continue going forward.


  • Manchester United chief executive said he was “baffled” by Real Madrid’s strategy this summer. “Their turnover is not materially different to ours so I am not quite sure how they can make the profits to justify the salaries. It’s none of my business I suppose but I don’t think they can.” Well, David, it’s just the same kind of madness in terms of living on borrowed time that United are doing with their debt-laden ownership model. Madrid are just gambling the same sums of money on the playing field instead. It’s all madness.
  • On SoccerLens, Kristian Downer is drinking the kool-aid with an ecstatic account of Sven’s first game in charge of Notts County. I understand the frustration of lower league football that leads to the belief these takeovers are fairytales come true, but the reality is so rarely the case, it’s still hard to see why the fans didn’t exercise more prudence before selling-out. It’s still not clear who is really footing the bill.
  • Lord John Terry commits himself to Chelsea (seems odd that Mr Chelsea would need to actually do that, doesn’t it?)?  The media continue to bite on Terry’s play for a pay-rise, with Matt Hughes in the Times swallowing the whole nonsense hook, line and sinker by blathering that “Terry’s value to Chelsea is far more than symbolic, his role considerably greater than that of a figurehead, as he is at the coalface fighting for his club on a daily basis, admittedly for handsome rewards.” Yes, none of this was all about tripling those handsome rewards, was it?
  • The failure of City chief executive Garry Cook to sign Terry finally has James Ducker in the same newspaper asking if he may be facing some question marks, before concluding that City’s transfer business this summer had already been a ‘rousing success’ despite their failure to (so far) to fix their main need for some defensive sturdiness. Still, those Tevez posters were pretty funny, I thought, and they did manage to annoy Sir Alex.
  • Liverpool refinanced their debt today, but the more interesting news was the revamp of Liverpool supporters’ buyout proposal.

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