Chug This, Alexi

lalasPitch Invasion is back. Our winter hibernation is over — it touched a balmy 50 degrees here in your editor’s hometown, Chicago, recently — and we have a few new posts in the works. We’re also looking for contributions again, so read on.

My apologies for the long and unexplained hiatus of Pitch Invasion. Safe to say it’s not worth boring you with the details of our prolonged absence, but rest assured we’ll be back to our sporadic and unreliable selves shortly. You might notice we’ve even spruced up the look of the place a little.

As ever, we’re looking for original tales and takes on football around the world, and it just has to be a little more interesting than the latest Ferguson-Mourinho spat.

So if you’d like to write something, or have a tip to a story you think would interest us, please drop a line to me at

See you all around here again soon, I hope. Thanks for your patience. And yeah, that’s Alexi Lalas on the right, chugging a Red Bull. Ah, the unadulterated joy of following MLS — and we’re back just in time for those ever crucial regular season games.

Oh, and just because this world needs more nonsense, we’re going to start twittering again @pitchinvasion. Let’s have at it then.

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