A Call for Contributors

Pitch Invasion is once again looking for regular or occasional contributors. Please drop a line to tom [at] pitchinvasion.net if interested; including a story idea or two is always a good idea.

I also wanted to see what you, dear reader, thought of the Daily Sweeper we ran for the past few weeks. Did you enjoy it?  I found some days a little slow to post, and I don’t want to turn it into a collection of simple bullet points, so my thought is to do it 2-3 times a week with a bit more depth.  Any thoughts, anyone?

10 thoughts on “A Call for Contributors

  1. Seb @ Inside Left

    I like Daily Sweeper (and not just because Inside Left got a mention) and it’s one of my regular places to go on the web, in search for interesting footie related stories. Twice a week is probably about right, or perhaps a once-a-week ‘best of’ might be an option …?

  2. Cap Ap

    I like the Daily Sweeper alot, actually…a good jumping off point to read about footy topics that you don’t see all the time.

  3. Max J.

    I’ve been loving it as is so far, actually. It’s great to have for midday news instead of waiting for du Nord at the end of the night.

  4. Richard Whittall

    Well I’ve read them religiously since you started it. My only suggestion would be seeing if you could archive them separately from the ‘Recent Posts’ sidebar so they could have their own space on your page, like a special section. But I haven’t been disappointed yet…

  5. ursus arctos

    More praise from me. I can understand why you might want to reduce frequency, but you shouldn’t think that they have suffered from “filler” so far.

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