The Daily Sweeper (August 1)

Let’s hope the FA throw the book at Joey Barton, if only to keep him on the sidelines and off our televisions for a while.

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Mascots in the J-League.

waiting the Kick off
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12 thoughts on “The Daily Sweeper (August 1)

  1. Cap Ap

    I was just coming over to link you to that story, TD…thanks for the love! I’m glad to see that the ball is finally rolling on MLS to PDX, regardless of the other possible speedbumps, I have faith that Merritt will be able to get the job done and get Soccer City USA into the top flight US league.

    Oh, and TD, 8/7/2008 @ 8pm (PDT) Portland Timbers vs. the Shi…ahem, the Seattle Sounders is being shown on FSC. This is the last regular season USL meeting between the two sides and the end of the best soccer rivalry in the US (at least, for now barring playoffs and possible US Open Cup games). You should check it out…we have quite a few special surprises planned.

    Thanks as always for the hard work on the site!

  2. Tom Dunmore Post author

    The competition is fierce, Cap Ap, but I hope you fans can help by pushing the cause as much as possible as I’m sure you will (though I have, in the past, heard from Timbers fans who prefer to remain outside of MLS). I will definitely look out for the Sounders game, too. Is it in Portland?

  3. Cap Ap

    Yep, from beautiful PGE Park in scenic Portland, OR…it may sound a bit like rose colored glasses, but I feel pretty good about our MLS chances. In my opinion, the only real competitor cities are Vancouver and St. Louis. I’m not overly concerned about Montreal (too many weird stadium/ownership issues), NYC2 (already a team there/amount of time and money it’ll take to get the stadium situation squared away), Las Vegas (Ha!), Ottawa (Ha!), and Atlanta (props to the ‘Backs, but I don’t think they’re going to be ready for 2011). I’m hoping that St. Louis’ll get derailed by the same stuff that hurt them on the last go around or that Vancouver’ll have lots of difficulties on the stadium front and that’ll allow us to get in. Or, alternately, we just get in on merit, but I don’t have much faith in that with MLS, at this point. Also, I think Merritt knows what he’s doing and may have an ace or two up his sleeve but that just may be wishful thinking.

    Of course, there’s been talk here about people not wanting to leave USL, but that’s a vocal minority. I’m concerned that it may be MLS or nothing, eventually…if Vancouver and Sh*ttle are gone, then who are we going to play in the west? Minnesota!?! The travel costs will kill us.

    Well, it comes down to Portland city governement first, so we’ll have to cross that bridge first…

  4. Cap Ap

    8pm PDT Tonight! Fox Soccer Channel

    The Pride of the Northwest, the Portland Timbers face their hated rival, the Seattle Sounders. Tune in for the NE Derby!

    Rose City ’til I Die!!

  5. Tom Dunmore Post author

    Damn, I forgot to tape this. If you happen to know of a link to download the game (torrent or whatever), feel free to send it my way at tom [at] Would like to see it.

  6. Gary J

    I love coming to this blog for the great football updates from the US and around the world. This is my most visited comprehensive football news site. Also, the addition of the high quality photos is my favorite. What else goes better with comprehensive news than detailed photographs. Great job on the site.