The Daily Sweeper (July 23)

Hooliganism has arrived in the U.S.! Paging my friend Dougie Brimson. . .

North America

  • So that fight in Columbus we just can’t hear enough about. . .Was really lame, as the video shows. In some ways it’s good that the issue of security in MLS has come up again — clubs need to hire more professional staff who understand the sport — but this whole Hudson Street Hooligans versus West Ham ICF is being blown way out of proportion when a Guardian writer is asking if “hooliganism has finally arrived in MLS” based on this. Much worse incidents have taken place in MLS with barely any press (perhaps thankfully).
  • Meanwhile, the Red Bulls 2006 fan of the year got banned for life from the Meadowlands for what sounds like absolutely nothing. The Red Bulls Offside has an exclusive interview with the man, who says stadium security is deliberately targeting and provoking the Red Bulls fan section, ESC.
  • A small supporters’ group in Carolina held their own when they were heavily outnumbered by Mexican fans as the Railhawks took on Monterray. Being an away supporter in your own stadium is not fun: good on them for keeping up the vocal support, with barely any trouble breaking out.
  • You’ve probably heard the news that Landon Donovan’s wants another shot at playing in Europe, believing this time he is properly prepared. So Many Balls is skeptical.
  • Giorgia Chinaglia hit with mob charges and on the lam. Surprised?
  • Abel Xavier, released by the Galaxy this week, absolutely lays into Ruud Gullit: “I know Ruud through his years in Europe. No one knows him in the United States. He was a legend. I admired him as a player, but I do not admire him as a coach. The way he conducts himself, his lack of ability to communicate with players and his way of developing the team shows a lack of respect.”
  • The Montreal Gazzette argues the quality gap is closing between USL and MLS, an argument bolstered as the USL’ Montreal qualified for the CONCACAF Champions League last night by holding MLS’ Toronto to a draw at home.



Photo Daily

Stadium demolition in Switzerland.

St. Gallen - Espenmoos-Abbruch

Photo courtesy of remozilli, via the Pitch Invasion photo pool.

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