Euro 2008 In Pictures: Hup, Holland, Hup!

Oranje bus

Oranje fans

Dutch fans in face paint

Duth Tulip limo

Photo credits: Antoon’s Foobar, kaspar.loosli, blogarjoni, epl talk on Flickr

11 thoughts on “Euro 2008 In Pictures: Hup, Holland, Hup!

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  2. papa bear

    I am convinced they give everyone in Holland a vacation from work when tournaments are on. There are barely more people in all of Holland than there are in all of Los Angeles County and yet they seem to always turn out in ridiculous numbers.

    They love their Oranje.

  3. Micah

    It’s called getting more than two weeks vacation and being a train ride away from everywhere. Hup!

  4. ursus arctos

    According to the mayor of Basel, there are currently more Dutch supporters in Bern (c. 150,000) than there are official residents of the city (c. 125,000).

  5. Stephan

    Dutch are (overly) calm, easy going and somewhat introvert, unless their favorite team(s) compete in some competition.
    Then orange pops up everywhere. They are not nationalists just passionate for their team, that’s why 60000 could be in Bern without creating problems. Their loyalty to their team has no limits. The aim is to stage a party, win or lose. Lose means no more party, so it’s better if their team wins ;-) . It’s not just in football (although obviously football is by far the most popular pass-time) but also in speed-skating, volleyball, field hockey, etc.
    Portugal still remembers them from 2004, Austria and Switzerland will remember them after 2008, and they are not alone. The swedes and some other nations also start to display this kind of behaviour. Though, I think for now, the most numerous fans are probably the ones dressed in orange.

  6. Van Basten

    I am one of these proud Dutch! I was there in Berne, when these pictures. It was one hell of a party. And, as Stephan sais, indeed without any problems.

    The only problems I saw there was when the Swiss lost against Turkey. They (the Swiss) started throwing bricks and so.

    But let this be some good promotion for the Dutch!

  7. Maurice Hennekens

    I’ve been in New York, celibrated new years twice, 4th of july and st. patrick’s day. But my visit to Bern this weekend has surpassed all expectations. What a party, what a day. Never seen so mutch Dutch abbroad. sadly we lost, it was a looooong drive home. But Hiddink is still going strong. check youtube for the dutch invasion of basel.

  8. Limo

    You might be wondering what everyone’s singing these days during soccer games. “Hup Holland Hup” is one of the most heard phrases and can be translated to something like “Go Holland Go”. In the pronunciation link above, it is pronounced in a serious tone, but in reality it is usually shouted enthusiastically by excited supporters. As was explained in the DWOTD “Knuppel”, the word “hup” is only used in this alliteration. In all other circumstances it would be very archaic (however, it can be used to encourage somebody to hurry up a bit). “Hup Holland Hup” is the first line of the chorus of a popular song that has been sung since 1974:

    “Hup Holland hupOranje_leeuw_3
    Laat de leeuw niet in z’n hempie staan
    Hup Holland hup
    Trek het beessie geen pantoffels aan
    Hup Holland hup
    Laat je uit ‘t veld niet slaan
    Want de leeuw op voetbalschoenen
    Durft de hele wereld aan”